Making a Kundan Statement

As a jewellery lover my mantra for necklaces is…

True friends stick with you through thick and thin, but the same can’t be said for clothes. An amazing necklace, on the other hand, will be with you whether your figure is looking ‘for better or for worse’ A statement necklace- will perk you up when you’re feeling down. This is THE perfect accessory for anytime of the year, so it will make you look better by association. That’s what you want in a true friend right? Now why not add a timeless classic in the form of a Kundan necklace to your outfit. Yes, the Kundan necklace that you originally bought to be a part of your bridal jewels or to compliment a sari for that special occasion.

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Since laying eyes on Cindy Crawford’s Vogue India cover a few years back. I have been encouraging clients and jewellery lovers I come across to consider using the single or multi-strand South Asian jewels they have in their jewellery box as a unique, eye catching, stylish addition to their western attire. Afterall, statement kundan jewellery among Bollywood celebrities was quite possibly the biggest accessory trend of 2013 following well into 2014.

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My Sister and I attended events and workshops around London Fashion Week a few weeks back; I talked my sister into wearing a kundan necklace with her LBD for one of the fashion shows. Did it go well with her outfit: Yes! Were people from different backgrounds/cultures stopping us and asking her about the necklace: YES! …Have I got that necklace back from her…erm NOT YET! Hence this piece has the ability to add a touch of intricate, tradition and sophisticated beauty to otherwise easy going and casual outfits. Tips for wearing your kundan necklace as your statement piece: BE DARING: The Kundan statement necklace instantly transform your look and make you feel so glamorous and pretty, it’s nothing short of a fashion blessing! Be the effortless fashionista , by adding the traditional jewels to a simple tee, jeans and a blazer.

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BE SIMPLE: Keep the rest of your jewellery simple like Deepika Padukone, especially your earrings. You don’t want to look like a little girl who overindulged in her mother’s jewellery box or resembles Mr T. By keeping your jewellery simple, you are letting the statement pieces speak for themselves.

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BE UNIQUE: With such a variety of designs/lengths/styles to choose from when buying a kundan necklace for any occasion take into consideration the neckline of the dress. If you have a larger bust, it is important to opt for shorter necklaces that don’t lie directly on your chest. The choker necklace is your best option.

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BE THE BELLE OF THE BALL: You have that formal event to attend whether its prom or a work party, this is the best way to stand out. Let your kundan jewels take centre stage with smokey eyes and an elegant up-do. When properly executed, this entire look seems like a match made in heaven. Would you try this kundan look? Leave your comments below: Educating Bridal Kudan will be discussed in a future post.

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Mahmuda Syed
British born Mahmuda Syed, interest in designing jewelry originated from her love of art and history. Syed then transformed her passion of jewelry making by co-founding 'Innaya Couture' which intends to transform the culture and historical value of south Asian empires and civilization into unique timeless designs.

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