Desi Beauty Secrets : Ultimate Brightening Tropical Enzyme Mask And Peel

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Daily exposure to the sun and pollutants can weigh your skin down. It clogs your pores and wreaks a free -radical hell for skin cells. A lot of women turn to chemical treatments and peels to try and reverse the effects of this damage .

Nature developed it’s own answer though, in the form of powerful enzymes found in a few tropical fruits. The mixture, when combined and applied onto the skin during its full potency has amazingly visible results – right from the first application.

The fruits to be used for this mask and peel are pineapples, papayas and pumpkin. All three fruits contain strong natural enzymes that reverse sun damage and the result is flawless, visibly brighter, better skin with better texture and radiance.


Pineapples –

Loaded with an enzyme called Bromelain, fresh pineapples are excellent in fading scars, removing a tan and in reviving lacklustre skin.

Papayas –

Papain , an enzyme found in papayas that aren’t completely ripened, is another excellent free radical inhibitor. The pulp works as a chemical exfoliant and natural skin boosting mask.

Pumpkin –

Pumpkin is a lesser known but extremely potent depigmentation agent.

This mask should be applied before you turn in for the night. Avoid sun exposure for at least six hours after application.

Avoid usage if you’re pregnant.

Here are two ways of using this potion :

a.) Mask :

  • A tablespoon of pineapple pulp (fresh, not canned stuff)
  • A tablespoon of papaya pulp
  • A tablespoon of pumpkin pulp (raw, not ripe)
  • Lemon juice

Blend the ingredients together and apply on your face and neck. Leave it on for around 15 minutes and wash off. Moisturize your skin post this.

  1. ) Peel :

Use the same ingredients as above, along with a teaspoon or two of glycerine.

This recipe must be used immediately after preparation for optimum results. Do not store or refrigerate it.

Do try out this extraordinary potion and tell us how it worked for your skin.

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