How To Style Yourself Like A Celebrity!

How to style like celebrity

It’s amazing how some celebs always look their absolute best, even when they head out to a small do.

Dressing for Date Night, a friends’ brunch or a cocktail event can sometimes be a daunting task, especially if you have a crazy work schedule or you’re just tired or not to sure what to wear. Help is here, ladies!

IMG_5668You can cultivate and nail down steps to look like a celebrity by:

  • Pinning down your event/look/style –it’s important that your look is appropriate for the occasion.
  • Knowing who you are. That is, epitomize your personal style; what works for you whether its edgy/ classic chic or feminine and staying true to that.
  • It’s also important to know and understand what works for your body type. Find your signature, stay true to that and you won’t go wrong,


  • It’s always great to look for one (1) statement piece. That’s your CANVAS; you can work everything else around that. It is the foundation for your look, whether it is a piece of clothing, a pair of shoes or a bag. The hero piece is what makes or breaks your look, so it’s important to fix this first. For example; if your statement piece is a sequin jacket, it can be underplayed with denim and a t-shirt making the jacket stand out for a cocktail/brunch with high heels. You can work the same jacket for a red carpet by mixing it with a solid color gown playing with it by layering and putting your hair in a up do to finish the look.
  • Do not be afraid to mix it up; add a twist to your outfit. Make it ORIGINAL. Add your own quirks and fun to the outfit to own it.
  • Hair and Makeup play a key role in finishing a look; so pre-decide what works best for the look you have in mind. Using an instruction video while you’re working on your makeup and hair can really work. There are lots of online tutorials that show you how to achieve a certain look.
  • For an important occasion, it’s great to work with a mood board since it helps pin down your look more precisely. Your mood board should have a reference or general picture for your entire look including, the accessories you want to pair as well as a picture of your hair, makeup and nail color reference too. This really helps you see how everything comes together – it also gives you an understanding of what you need to add or subtract to achieve that award winning look


Most Celebrities have the luxury of a stylist to put their looks together however; it’s not such a hard task and can be fun once you put your mind to it.

  • Work with references – it always helps to put your look together more easily. Remember at the end of it all, your look has to come together effortlessly – thisis the key to making a real style statement.


Key Point to a statement look

  • The Fit
  • The Element that makes it distinct
  • The Fabric
  • The Detail
  • The Silhouette
  • The Color



In this look the focus point is the skirt, it’s your hero piece, you can work around it with a simple tee or a solid color or in this case have more fun and mix it up. Going with simple clean Hair and Makeup and a pop of color on the lips works with this look. Do note that the gold pumps add an element of glitz and fun to finish the look.


In this look the black dress on its own has enough movement and edge to make a statement. It is best to go with a monotone classic bag and shoe. The hair is in a clean updo but has an element of edge to balance with the dress. We can work this look with a red mouth to add drama.

Why don’t you guys use these hints to style your own looks and tell us how it worked for you? Happy styling!

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