How To Dress For Your Body Type

dress for body type

Recently saw a friend wearing one of the most stunning crop tops I’ve possibly ever laid eyes on. I Ran to Zara the next day to pick it up so I could wear it to an upcoming shin dig for a friend’s birthday. Saturday night rolls around, and post hair and makeup application I excitedly pair my crop top with a midi skirt. I jump in the mirror to discover that NO! This does not work! My hips look too broad, my belly too overbearing and my upper body too bulky. Let’s face it. How something looks on someone else just might not flatter your physique. So how does one identify what works for their shape? I don’t mean to categorise each and every woman into a fixed form but I will do my best to explain generally and hopefully it helps you with simple every day wear to suit your exclusive look.

The first mould would come in a pear shape. Generally your upper body is more slender and you have volume on your hips downwards. Sometimes it helps to elongate your body to make everything look proportioned. Lighter tops paired with darker bottoms often help you achieve that. Keep the prints and anything that may throw off the outline of your body to your upper half. A line skirts with tops to your waist will also assist you in achieving length. I’m all for embracing your natural curves but for the days that you don’t want to attract attention to your heavier bottom, experiment with fun necklines.

How To Dress For Your Body Type

How To Dress For Your Body Type 2

How To Dress For Your Body Type 3

How To Dress For Your Body Type 4

Another shape we constantly hear about is the hourglass. Curves galore! Your upper body all the way down is rather balanced and you have some much to highlight! A mistake women often make is trying to hide their curves with baggy clothing. This usually makes you appear bigger than you truly are. Hug your figure and show off what your mama gave ya! Wear those form fitting dresses, mid waist belts, jeans that hug your bottom and flowy fabrics that display what you got!

How To Dress For Your Body Type 5

Rectangular shapes give women an athletic build type look. If this is you, your shoulders, waist and hips are slim and similar. It’s easy to look boxy when you’re built this way so bidding to create curves with your outfit might be beneficial. This mould just might have the most fun experimenting with trends. One tip – invest in a good bra. Often at times women with rectangular shapes don’t have as much to work with up so why not emphasise the humbleness that you were given. Form fitting ensembles that show off your long torso, slender arms and legs will also do the trick!

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How To Dress For Your Body Type 7

How To Dress For Your Body Type 8

Last but certainly not least is a more round build. Some people say apple or oval but commonly a rounder shape form. If you fall under this beautiful class, your silhouette tends to be broad. Your goods are wide so finding length through your wardrobe can help you discover what you like. Shorter skirts can help with that, v-necks tops along with flared jeans can give the impression of more height. Dresses that camouflage belly maybe with a belt around the high waist will create the illusion of a slim waist line.

How To Dress For Your Body Type 9

How To Dress For Your Body Type 10

How To Dress For Your Body Type 11

Whatever you decide to wear, just keep it fabulous! Welcome the distinctiveness that is your body and just understand that as long as you’re well educated on how to dress it, you will be a walking talking billboard for whatever you’re advertising! Everyone is beautiful in their own way, so why not celebrate that with an amazing dress that shows off all the right things?

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