Bare Essentials — Skincare Blueprint To Save Your Hide

On a budget, not in the mood to splurge or simply a procrastinating skincare product skeptic, whatever economic or mental state you live in — one self-grooming fact should always be axiomatic to y’all — “You Can Never Neglect Your Skin”. Alas, the Star Trek skin regeneration advertized on sci-fi channel since 70’s is still an unearthly fantasy. Until any such wondrous skin altering breakthroughs are established and Lasing skin on-and-off can become an everyday reality, you’d have to deal with one obvious fact — this skin you are living in my lovelies is the only shell you’ve got during your time on this planet. The faster you cozy up to the “One Skin One Lifetime” doctrine the better off you’ll be vis-à-vis tackling your daily skin, aging and beauty decisions.

Being your dermatologists my sincerest skincare advice to you is — “Prevent Damage Before It Happens”.

To revive or rejuvenate once flawed, neglected and unfortified skin you might have to trade an arm and a leg, and even then there are no miracle cures guaranteed down the promised treatment pipeline. The moral of all this banter is — Wise-up and start protecting your God given natural skin proactively.


Here’s my simple blueprint for your every day skin protection.

Never Leave Home Without It — Skincare Essential No. 1

Bare essentials 2

Your prime skincare focus should always be a broad spectrum (UVA & B) sunscreen (SPF 30+) because nothing damages your skin worse than the ultra violet rays — skin cancer, brown spots, broken blood vessels and premature wrinkles — Do I need to go on? Facts and research indicates that it’s always wise to get on with the Slip, Slop, Slap program early in life to save your vulnerable exterior from the not-so-friendly skin ruining solar rays.

Bare essentials 3


Never Underestimate The Power Of Hydration — Skincare Essential No. 2

Bare essentials 4

The next every day skincare elemental I’d recommend to you is an antioxidant moisturizing serum to counteract and quench the free radicals that attack the skin and make it age faster. The secret to maintaining a healthy youthful complexion is daily hydration coupled with antioxidants and the key to success lies in defending your skin day in day out persistently.

Bare essentials 5


Final Skincare Word To The Wise

A smart skincare stratagem should include, protection (sunblock), hydration (moisturization), prevention (antioxidants) and correction (Vitamin A, C and antiaging protocols for skin problems you might already have — wrinkles, dullness, brown spots, roughness, etc.). Protection, hydration & antioxidant assisted prevention plays a huge role in delaying aging. And the earlier you can start on the correctional repair the better off your skin would look. Remember the aging clock is always ticking — Tic, Toc, Tic, Toc — And your time starts now!

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