XPL : A Second Skin To Cover Wrinkles And Lines

How to cover wrinkles and lines

“Face-On – Face-Off “— wearing a second skin mimicking ideals of youth and beauty to mask reality sounds like a plot of a sci-fi movie, or does it? Thanks to the experts at the MIT lab, who put in a steady ten years of research to create second skin, it is now a very real phenomenon.

This bottled miracle in a jar will be soon available to the public to wipe off wrinkles as easy as 123

— 1.The material (currently being called XPL) is applied to the face like any cream

2. It is activated with a catalyst gel and

3. Voila you have an immediate tightening effect, which mimics the mechanical and elastic properties of healthy, youthful skin while banishing imperfections and smoothing out wrinkles. The petitioners searching for the fountain-of-youth see this as a major breakthrough in our fight against wrinkles and more.

What is XPL?

Second skin (XPL) is a silicone-based polymer that when applied on the skin as a thin coating, mimics the mechanical and elastic properties of healthy, youthful skin. It works in two stages. Firstly a polymer gel containing alternating silicon and oxygen atoms is applied across the skin to create a perfectly fitting mask. Second a liquid platinum catalyst is applied on top, which encourages new bridges to form between the atoms, in the same was a vulcanized rubber is created. The chemical reaction immediately causes the material to harden yet staying very flexible at the same time, this reaction tightens and compresses the skin underneath erasing eye-bags and wrinkles.


The material (XPL) has been tested rigorously at MIT labs for safety and effectiveness in several studies where it has shown to hide eye-bags and ameliorate skin wrinkles with the added bonus of improving skin hydration. These results automatically qualify the second skin as a super-hero product, which not only covers up the skin defects giving up the illusion of perfect skin but also improves skin hydration working as a top-of-the-range moisturizer. At night it can be peeled off as the effect last only 24 hours.

Acting as an invisible layer covering skin vulnerabilities the prospects of using “second skin” in dermatology could be limitless it could be employed to help treat skin conditions with barrier defects such as eczema and other types of dermatitis, even used as under occlusion drug delivery system and of course it can also be adapted to provide long-lasting ultraviolet protection or camouflage system for pigmentation disorders.

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