Dupatta Draping Styles For Formal Events

Dupatta styles

What’s not to love about our elaborate desi outfits ?


They’re rich with intricate designs, they’re grand enough to let everyone know that when we party, we truly mean business and take ourselves really seriously. What’s not so exciting for me though, is how we wear our dupattas.


Okay, call them shawls, stoles, pashminas, scarves or whatever else you please. This long bit of cloth can definitely take your outfit up a few notches based not just on its design, but also on how you wear it.


Whenever I’m out shopping for a Lehenga or a Salwar-Kameez, which for me is only for festive days or parties (I really prefer the comfort of casuals on the other days) , I always check the quality, length and detailing on the dupatta first before I check anything else. I believe this piece of clothing can totally take your style up a few notches.


Let’s take it from the style mavens themselves. Sabyasachi, for instance, uses drapes in the most flattering way possible. Ever noticed how his models are shown with their dupattas framing their frames like they were delicate, priceless pieces of art? Now while we’re not all going to strut down a runway, we all deserve to know how to make the best of our dupattas, so let’s take a few hints from those who do it best.

Check out the many ways to wear your dupatta :

Classic Drape

Spread the dupatta over both shoulders from the front and let the width of the material fall freely over your shoulders and along your bodice. This style works well if the dupatta has a lot of detailing, wear it with a plain kurti and salwar set so the attention is drawn towards the dupatta detailing.


Regal Splendor

When you’re dressing for a really formal event such as a wedding or a sit down dinner, opt for a heavy three-piece outfit such as this – the drape is thrown over one shoulder and rests in the elbow crevice of the other arm. You could also opt for this style when you’re going to be wearing more than one drape (eg, valima or nikah event)


Bridal Finery

It’s all about the drape in this outfit, what’s a bride without the classic bridal jora and exquisite drapes?


Lehenga Drapes


The lehenga choli is a beautiful outfit. All of us prefer wearing our lehengas in different styles, that go best with our personality. You could try scrunching the dupatta up in your neck, wear lots of heavy bangles and show off those toned abs.

Else drape your dupatta around your head and over your bodice in the classic Mughal style as seen on Deepika Padukone in Bajirao Mastani. This is a more conservative albeit elegant style.


Summer Wedding

Try this sari-type drape over a lehenga, a net dupatta will work well for this outfit. Make sure the blouse is demure enough to carry off this style or you’ll end up looking not-quite-as-classy as you’d want to.


Opt For The Sari Gown Effect

Choose a well-fitting anarkali with a good fall and drape your dupatta over one shoulder as you would for a sari, the effect is stunning!


Overabundance Of Details

When you’re going to be wearing a heavily-detailed outfit with a lot of intricate jewelry such as this bridal look, let your dupatta sit gracefully on one shoulder and not steal the show from the grandeur of your beautiful neckpiece and bridal aura. Too much clutter is never a good thing, even for a bride!


Flaunt It

If you want to show off your svelte figure and perfect abs, don’t shy away from wearing your dupatte over both your shoulders and under your arms like a cape, the front is left bare – drawing attention to the waist and choli!

Or, go backless and wear the same drape style, only reversed! This works well if you’d like to flaunt your back as seen in this stunning ellie saab piece.


Ditch It

Who said you always need to wear a dupatta to complete your outfit ? Go fusion and ditch the dupatta and don shades and carry a fun clutch this summer to make a statement and beat the heat!


Fusion Styles

Experiment with your outfits to create an eclectic mix of ethnic and western wear – all simply by tweaking your dupatta style. Here’s some inspo:

Tip #1. Wear your dupatta over a maxi.


Tip #2. Wear a colored or detailed dupatta over a monochrome or solid color outfit to break the monotony .


Image Credits :

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