Mehndi Day – Bridal Jewelry Trends

Gone are the days where a typical Mehndi dress was yellow and green and brides were bare faced and jewel-less. Today’s Mehndi brides are crossing all the traditional boundaries and are playing with colours and styles. From blossom pink, burnt orange, mustard yellow, magenta or a multi skittle play of colours, the options are there but accessorizing is also a must..

Check out my must have Mehndi jewellery trends to try.

Fresh Flower Jewellery


For years brides in India and Pakistan have been wearing flower jewellery on their Mehndi function. The Fresh, vibrant and colorful trend has crossed the seas and is making a comeback for Desi brides. Hot pink Gajras, yellow flower maang tikkas and marigold flowers braided around a thick plat to give the traditional look are all in. Bold or minimal, you can work with a look that suits you. Flower jewellery is a good option price wise, however they only last a day or two so it’s best having your pieces made on the day.


Gota Jewellery


Being a total traditionalist I love anything gota!! The rajasthani embroidery with entwined appliqué pieces of zari and bright ribbon, tied with fabric to create elaborate traditional patterns used prominently for mehndi outfits is now used on jewellery. From colourful bangles, tikkas, parandas, headpieces, rings and naths- gota is definitely innovative and adds that extra dash of desiness. Whether you’re the bride or bridesmaid, gota jewellery is definitely cost effective especially if there are a few girls who want to wear the same piece.

The Jhoomer

If you’re not wearing a jhoomer on the main day then it’s a must for your mehndi function. My favouritemehndi look of all time is Momal Sheikh- fresh faced, traditional chuneri mehndi green outfit with pink gota detail finished with that navaratan jhoomer #onpoint



If you’re not feeling the above, then go for a tikka and small earrings. Tikka options are endless – I recently wore a mirrored pearl tikka with an oversized silver mirror ring.


To Nath?

Dare to be different. Many will disagree and will say that the nath should be left for the main day. Why though? Be different and if not a big hoop ,then a small chutki style will give the traditional village belle look.



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Mahmuda Syed
British born Mahmuda Syed, interest in designing jewelry originated from her love of art and history. Syed then transformed her passion of jewelry making by co-founding 'Innaya Couture' which intends to transform the culture and historical value of south Asian empires and civilization into unique timeless designs.

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