5 Tips For Choosing Your Wedding Jewellery!

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Can you believe Jewellery is an afterthought for many brides? Yes, it’s true.

I believe the perfect jewellery is what completes a bride’s look. It highlights beauty, intricacy and complements your chosen dress.

Firstly, your wedding jewellery doesn’t need to eat away at your bank balance; there is something for everyone within a budget. I have narrowed down some tips and tricks to bear in mind when picking out your wedding jewels!
Something old….
Before you look further, look close to home, explore your family treasures. Many brides now are rejecting the traditional gold trend and are moving towards costume artificial jewellery. Yellow gold has lost its appeal; it is deemed dated and as brides widen the colour palate of their dress, these traditional colours clash.

However if you look closely and deeply you may find a little significant treasure; your mum’s antique gold bangles or your nanis long pearl mala. The beauty is in the authenticity, humility and simplicity. Soha Ali Khan recently teamed up her bridal necklace with her mum’s wedding jewellery; seen here is that gorgeous vintage pearl maang tikka and jhoomer- That green necklace was to die for!


Don’t like it… But LOVE it!

It’s your wedding, don’t feel that you have to shower yourself in jewels to look like a bride; cause everyone will know that you’re the most important person in the room! Go with jewellery styles and combinations that you’re comfortable with. If you’re self-conscious and won’t feel comfortable wearing a nath then don’t do it. If your neckline is already heavy, hold back on the chains. It’s your big day and you want to enjoy looking back at the pictures and thinking “Yep I chose well!”


Buy it well..

There’s no point spending so much money to only wear it once. How many times have we heard this line? Well with your wedding dress, you can’t ! We have all seen strange women attend a wedding like it is their wedding. That’s not cool, you don’t want to be her.

But with your wedding jewellery, you can wear it over again. So see this as an investment. After your wedding you can still wear your jewellery. Sometimes, even at a party, a wedding, or even at home whilst doing the cleaning.


Match your jewellery to your dress!

Your jewellery should represent you but also compliment your dress. “Less is more” or “You’re the bride so why not more?”

If your dress has a lot going on, then don’t over complicate it by making it too busy. Also when ordering your dress, bear in mind the neck line style; V necks and Round necks need something to adorn the neckline such as a pendant or choker.


Details matter!

When selecting your jewellery, think carefully about the stones and elements that will make your piece. The main key colour stones that you can’t go wrong with are maroon, emerald, sapphire, champagne and pearls. These give a rich look even if you are buying on a budget.


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Mahmuda Syed
British born Mahmuda Syed, interest in designing jewelry originated from her love of art and history. Syed then transformed her passion of jewelry making by co-founding 'Innaya Couture' which intends to transform the culture and historical value of south Asian empires and civilization into unique timeless designs.

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