How to Use Kryolan’s TV Paint Stick and Full Review!

Kryolan’s Tv Paint Sticks have been used in the East for quite sometime – brides, party makeup, photo shoots, sets and even everyday. It’s very popular and loved by many. What is it about Kryolan’s TV Paint stick that makes it so popular? Well firstly, it’s the coverage. It provides a medium to full coverage that is long lasting. It’s also not expensive and 1 tube will last you at least 1 year.

I find Kryolan colors difficult to match, you have to be lucky ifyou can match your skin to 1 color. In most cases, you need two colors mixed to create the perfect shade. Kryolan on-line has over 250 colors! But I’ve checked in London, Pakistan, Toronto and in Saudi at the Kryolan Store and at most they would carry 20 colors which sucks!


These are the colors I use most and would recommend for desis (If you’re deeper in tone mix in Suntone or Chinese with a lighter tone to create your shade)



I use these two for mixing if I have a darker brown/tanned skin tone client


TV Paint Stick is a very versatile product it can be used in so many different ways. Since it’s a heavy cream stick foundation you need to prep your skin well. Apply a moisturizer suitable for your skin type and then apply a primer before you use the foundation. Use a very little of the product for a gentle make-up application that still gives effective coverage or layer it on generously for a full coverage.



Kryolan also has some popular color correcting shades. Here is #508 which is an orange used on top of dark areas but under foundation. The orange cancels out the blue/brown of the dark under eye or spot so when you apply the foundation on top it doesn’t look grey and naturally makes them appear less obvious if not totally gone! I use the white (which I got recently) to mix when I want the foundation to be a bit lighter around the eye areas especially when I’m doing a full face contour and highlight.

The TV Paint Stick has a kind of wet consistency so it does need a powder on top to set it, as it is not matte (this is also to avoid it creasing) By setting it with a light powder, it will seal in the foundation and allow it to last literally all day, even in hot climates. I like that the foundation does not oxidize, so the color you apply is the color you get. If you have acne prone skin then be careful with this product as it may cause breakouts. Since its such a full coverage foundation, it doesn’t let the skin breathe unless you use very little of it. I love using MAC’s Mineralized Skin-finish Powder on top of the TV Paint Stick.



  • Affordable
  • Long Lasting
  • Excellent Coverage
  • Multipurpose
  • No Need for a concealer since it provides full coverage
  • A little goes a long way
  • Doesn’t oxidize



  • It may cause breakouts
  • Need to mix colors (in most cases) to find the perfect match
  • Can get cakey

How To Use

  1. Prep your skin with a moisturizer suitable for your skin type and then a primer.
  2. TV Paint Stick can be applied with a damp sponge (beauty blender), foundation brush or your fingers. I like it best with fingers as the warmth of the fingers helps to melt the product so it glides on easier and sits closer to the skin.
  3. Start at the center of the face and blend the product outwards
  4. Set with a Light Powder (since the foundation is already full coverage, the powder should be lightweight)


Pro Tricks

From my experience the best way to apply the TV Paint Stick is to dilute it. I use two products to do this – Kryolan’s Makeup Blend or MAC Face & Body Foundation. First use your finger/sponge/brush and apply the Makeup Blend then take some of the TV paint stick – it will immediately become a liquid. The liquid is still full coverage but blends better, sits on the skin well and looks way more natural. You will use way less product as well!



Application with the Kryolan Makeup Blend


Here’s the product blended in. As you can see you need very little of the product with the Makeup Blend and it blends in like a full coverage foundation. It’s less cakey and sits well on the skin. Try it, you’ll love it!


If you use TV Paint Sticks, share the color you use, how you apply it and any comments/questions below! I would love to hear from you.

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