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7UP in Pakistan has always been associated with food and foodies. These two terms are the bane of existence for Pakistanis, since good food is the main topic of discussion and the thought that runs into the heads of foodies every 5 seconds. It is undeniably accurate that when one thinks of food, their mind cannot fail to speak of the next word which is; 7UP, and vice versa. The cool refreshing gulp of 7UP is perfect combination with your favorite meal anytime of the day.

This year 7UP has realized it’s true potential by making it “FOODIES KI GREEN LIGHT!”, which revolves around the idea that a true foodie will not have his meal if 7up isn’t present there, because it just completes the meal for them. So to further add to this growing brand, 7UP decided to find a way to bring all the foodies together under one umbrella, “Foodies Without Borders.”


“Foodies without Borders” is an event that brings the best of the food from across Pakistan at one place, where handpicked foodies can enjoy the evening of great taste. There are several debates that always circulate the food discussion; which is which city has the best food, so 7UP wants to end that debate and bring it down to one simple fact: PAKITAN HAS THE BEST FOOD! In this event we have gone across Pakistan and brought out the specialties from three major cities, Lahore, Karachi and Peshawar. Vendors from these cities were poured in for giving people most delicious food and a joyful experience.

The exclusive event that took place at Royal Palm on 17th July, 2016. Many renowned and well known faces of socialites and celebrities like Ahmed Ali butt, Ali Hamza, Munib Nawaz, Ammanat Ali, Alyzeh Gabol, Noor showed up. The enthusiastic event was hosted by the ravishing Cybil Chaudry and co- hosted by VJ Shezad. The event had music of different cultures which lighted up the traditional environment.


7Up has marvelously celebrated the love for food which dwells in the hearts and also tummies of people worldwide. The drink suits all sorts of food whether it is ghar ka khana, cuisine, bazaar ka khana, quick munchies, snacks and also the very best of Pakistani food. The exquisite event was a successful fun loving experience for all the people that attended it. The event was wonderfully organized by Jbnjaws and the PR was handled by Cartel.

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