Top 6 Blushes from MAC for Desi Skin – Photos & Swatches

Choosing blush is not as easy as it looks.  It’s hard to know which blushes would look good and when shopping for a blush they all end up looking the same after you try them on.  Every girl needs a few blushes in her makeup wardrobe and one way to really know which color to wear is to match it to the color on your lips.  By doing so you’ll enhance your lip color and as well your makeup will look together.

1.  Coppertone


Lipstick is High Tea from MAC

Coppertone is one of those beige colors us desi girls can wear when we want something brown but won’t make you look darker like a bronzer would.  It’s really a beautiful shade of peachish brown that suits light to medium desi skin beautifully.


2.  Mocha

Everyday Natural Blush

Lipstick is Brave from MAC

If your looking for an everyday blush, Mocha is it.  Its a really nice shade of berry which is natural but still shows up.  No point wearing blush that you can’t see.  Why is it a great everyday blush?  Well you can wear it with almost any shade of lipstick you would wear during the day.

3.  Well Dressed

Soft Pink

Lipstick is Snob from MAC

Well Dressed is a really pretty shade of pink. I find a lot of pink blushes either look to bright or don’t show up on desi skin, this ones is perfect because it’s soft and the shade of pink is perfect!! Good for light to medium desi skintones.

4.  Desert Rose

Berry Rose

Lipstick is Captive from MAC

Desert Rose is a great shade for all skin tones.  For deeper desi skin tones it can be worn as an everyday blush. For light to medium skin tones I like it for evening, especially paired with berry or rose colored lips.

5.  Melba


Lipstick is Kinda Sexy from Mac

Melba is the perfect peach shade of blush.  The shade of peach compliments light to medium desi skintones beautifully.

6.  Frankly Scarlett


Lipstick is Russian Red from MAC

Finding a blush to match red lipstick is tough, you can’t wear pink, rose or berry…so what’s left.  You can of course wear bronzer or a beige shade of blush but what looks really nice is Frankly Scarlett.  It’s a unique blush because when you look at it, its red but when you apply it, it comes on soft like a hint of red which compliments red lipstick and really makes your complexion look gorgeous.  A must have.  It’s good for all skin tones – light to medium can apply it lightly and deeper skin tones can be more generous.


Tips on Choosing the Right Blushes

– Always try blush on your face not your arm or hand – it always looks different

– When you try on a blush you should be wearing some sort of base – tinted moisturizer, bb cream or foundation.  Blush does not apply smooth on bare skin.

– When applying blush, chose a color which matches or is similar to your lipstick.  It helps your makeup look come together.

– Don’t chose blush that has shimmer or shine, chose matte or sheer tone blushes for the cheekbone. For shine choose another shade of shimmery blush or a highlighter and just apply that on the apples of the cheeks. Shimmer and shine enhance bumps and as well make the face look wider.

– Never judge a blush by the way it looks!  The most boring or regular looking blushes can look amazing on and some of the more bright and colorful blushes can look terrible on.

Other Blushes from MAC for Darker Desi Skin tones

I couldn’t show you on my skin, but all of these are stunning on brown or even darker brown desi skintones.


Ambering Rose





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