8 Ways To Wear The Perfect Coachella – Inspired Look

It’s Coachella time again and every one worth their music or their boho style flocks to the music festival. While the festival itself is great, it has also inspired its own theme of style and fashion right from the ludicrous use of jewel-toned makeup and body glitter to colored hair, fancy flower hair-bands and cropped tops and pants. Don’t know what I’m talking about ? Kylie and Kendall Jenner have been known to post looks that are very Coachella, so if you want to wear the look, read on for tips on acing the Coachella vibe!



Nothing screams Coachella like those velvet finished matte chokers studded with metal elements or stones. If you can’t seem to find one that you like at the store, make your own using a band of stretchable cloth in a dark color.


Body Chains and Junk Jewelry

Coachella is all about lots of metal and jewelry. I’ve noticed though, that big chunky jewelry isn’t exactly the order of the season – the onus is on lots of smaller pieces and layering smaller elements of stones and chains.


Flash Tattoos

Yes yes yes ! Flash tattoos aren’t just music festival faves, they’re also absolute delights, both at the beach and during these summers months. Flash tattoos in silver, gold and white are easily available at your nearest Forever 21, Claire’s and other Fast fashion stores.



File your nails to a nice,pointy tip and encrust them with studs and colored patterns. You can go all out on this , just be creative!


Lip Gloss

This is the time to highlight your cheekbones, bronze your shoulder bones and gloss out that pout (anyone else think Kylie couldn’t have launched her lip glosses at a better time?)


Statement EyeWear

Ditch the wayfarers and pick up funky frames to stand out this season. Round frames and lennons are a favorite in the hippie world – you can hardly go wrong sporting these!


Messy Hair

When it comes to Coachella, you can either iron out your hair flat and part it straight down the middle or you could opt for a messy fun updo or a braid.


Ombre hair and colored hair are great too – if you’re not ready to take the plunge to wear bright candy-colored hair, you could use colored chalk or spray ready hair color to look the part for a day !


Hair Pieces

Probably the most definitive Coachella trend are the flower crowns and hairpieces (yes, also a hit snapchat filter now) . You can make these yourself if you’re good at craft, else you can pick up one from the nearest F21, they stock loads of these.


You could wear shorts, or cropped tops and skirts with a loose cape as a coverall and a hat and you’re all set to wear the Coachella vibe. Don’t be scared to play around with all these tips to create your own look; experimenting is fun !

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