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There is a suit for everyone for every occasion, all you need to really know is which one works for what. Your choice of a suit represents your personality, so make it as detailed and luxurious as yourself. The key is in the details. The style and cut of the suit say loads about your sense of style and comfort.

Here are some essentials that every man needs to know about suits:

Know Thy Style :

All of us look up to someone for their style of dressing / how they carry themselves. Now picture that person’s suit – the perfect tailoring, how it structures around the shoulders, how it falls effortlessly on the body and follows the natural shape of the physique…

The following are basics that we will be covering in our future blogs in detail but for now let’s get accustomed to using terms like “lapels, peak, notch, vents, plaid, chalk stripes, double breasted” etc. which are absolutely necessary to understand suits.

A suit is a must-have for every man, whether it is for a formal occasion or for daily work attire. Harvey Specter, James Bond and Jude law all have one thing in common – that being that they all look dapper and suave because they know how to wear a suit.

If you want to look sharp then you must pay attention to the finer details of wearing a suit. The common mistakes most men make while wearing suits are loose fitted dress shirts, pants being too long or the jacket sleeves being too short. Keep in mind that the fit is everything; even if you buy the most expensive suit that doesn’t fit you, it won’t do justice.

The Jacket

There are two types of jackets, Single breasted and double breasted. When you’re standing, 0.6 cm of the shirt collar should be exposed while you wear the jacket and 1 cm of the shirt cuffs should be visible too.

The right fit for the shoulder pads are very important. If your shoulders are too broad, your jacket should have small shoulder pads. Never button the bottom of your jacket and when you’re about to sit down make sure you unbutton the jacket so it doesn’t ride up and look tardy.

Your Shirt

Always buy a fitted dress shirt but make sure it suits your body structure. The shirt should be a minimum 3 inches loose from the stomach and chest area. The length should be such that when you bend, the shirt doesn’t get untucked. The shirt plays a vital role in the overall appearance of your look.


The tip of the tie should always meet your beltline and make sure you know which tie to wear to what event. If it’s a formal event, then you should stick to simple patters and modest colours.


Suit trousers are the base of your look. It should sit at the top of your hip bones, below your navel. When you sit down, the pants should not be roomy in the crotch area, but it shouldn’t be snug either. The width of the pants should not hang and if you have muscular legs then you should have your pants made to measure. The hem of the pants should rest on the top of the shoes with a small break in the crease.


The oxford shoe is the perfect choice for any formal occasion. You can either wear black, brown or burgundy. Also make sure your shoes match your belt.


More on formal dressing in our later blogs, Suit up in Style !

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