Summer Resolutions to Take Better Care Of Your Hair

I understand that we are in April now, and typically, New Year’s resolutions are made at the starting of the new year. However, I strongly believe that there is no better time than the present, when you want to do something positive.

Please also excuse my absence – between styling two fashion weeks and presenting our own trend shows, travelling to China, Maldives and London, back-to-back (and often overlapping) weddings, shifting salons and preparing for the launch of TONI&GUY Academy in Lahore, things have been quite hectic!

I’m very excited about the Academy especially, as we will be training hairdressers out of Lahore with the international TONI&GUY certification, recognized anywhere in the world.
Now that winter has come to an end, and beautiful spring will only last so long till summer takes over, we need to take care of our hair more than ever. Everyone wants beautiful hair, but it requires a bit of extra effort. Keep the following in mind and try practicing it as much as possible, and you will definitely be pleased with the results !
Regularly cleansing your scalp and hair:
You can follow these tips to properly cleanse your scalp and hair. This is important especially if you use hair products for styling, or live in a big city where you are exposed to polluted air. You can use label.m Gentle Cleansing Shampoo. It gently but effectively cleanses hair and rebalances moisture. It contains soy and wheat Proteins, vanilla and sweet pea extracts and boosts body and shine in your hair.

Trim your hair regularly:

Just like your skin needs exfoliation to help the new layer replace the old one, your hair needs a regular trim to let the new ends replace the split ends. You should get your hair trimmed once every 2 months to keep them healthy and to prevent hair fall.

Style your hair safely:

The tendency for an individual to style their hair is definitely growing with time. It is said that 1 in 5 people are experimental and want to have a new look every time. Avoid using heat styling tools directly on your hair and make sure to use a heat protection spray or serum. The label.m Heat Protection Spray is a professionally formulated, pre-styling spray that lets you create individual, fashion-led styles with expert protection.

Treat or color your hair and alternate with breaks in between:

If you color or get relaxing treatments done on your hair regularly without letting it be for a little while, it’ll get rough and loose elasticity, which eventually leads to breakage. Regular dyeing makes the hair follicles fragile, and when the follicles slow down, their routine of growing hair long and strong, you’ll inevitably start losing hair.

I strongly recommend using ammonia-free hair dye. L’Oreal has a good range, with visible shimmering tones and glossy shine.

Being healthy in general:

Eat healthy. Give your hair the right amount of vitamins. Since hair is made of proteins, eat a balanced diet rich in lean protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables. A healthy diet will ensure hair that looks and feels better. You can also take vitamin supplements, such as Biotin, which is a B-complex vitamin that helps produce keratin. It promotes healthy hair and increases hair elasticity and limits dryness and breakage. Naturally, it is found in brown rice, green peas, lentils and oats.

Oil your hair:

Oiling hair regularly keeps your hair healthy, shiny and glossy. You can also use label.m Therapy Age-Defying Radiance Oil, which is an ultra-light beautifying oil designed to keep hair protected, nourished and younger looking. It is quickly absorbed (so you can use a small amount of it anytime, without having to worry about washing your hair) for a silky, natural feel.

Hair is the strongest element in your appearance. Take care of it and it’ll take care of how you look and ultimately, of how you feel.Have a good hair day everyday with our proven secrets!

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