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Mens in waistcoat style

The waist coat – the wascut as some of our desis pronounce it , has been around since almost as long as its older cousin – the coat. The only difference was that the waistcoat provided structure to a man’s inner wear instead of the shirt that could very easily wrinkle and make the gent look shabby.

I wont get into the history of the waistcoat now, but rather into its contemporary relevance in the modern man’s wardrobe.

Here are 3 words that will help you stylize your spring/summer 2015 “Wear your Waistcoats”

Waistcoats come in several shapes and styles:

We will go over some basics on how to wear these integral fashion elements for this season. These will have a big impact in Fall 2015 too.

If you are a connoisseur of this fad, the following waist coats should make their way into your wardrobe ASAP. Find a designer who can tailor these for you or a brand that fits just right. Whether you are  royalty, don draper, model, movie star or rock star, this summer get your waist inside a waist coat!

The Mandarin Collar Classic
Waistcoat with a pocket square, printed kurta, skinny jeans and those shoes Ahh! Fawad does NO wrong!

This man shows his style quotient to be immaculate tonal with the perfect amount of pop!

Saif Ali Khan carries Bebo and his waist coats really well! Leaving the top 2 buttons open gives this aristocrat a rockstar edge! Pocket square!!! (Do note the details )

Wear your waist coat like its your own business!

A bright waist coat can really pick up an otherwise mundane outfit!

This look is just about perfect!

Mustafa Zahid, our very own desi rock star, shows his style in a custom waist coat by yours truly MUNIB NAWAZ on weekend world with Sophie!

So whether you are a kurta person or a shirt person, you have to have waist coats this season to protect you from ugly creases!
Remember the right fit and styling are the key to giving you the benefit of this important look this season. Amir Adnan – one of most popular men’s wear designers said “the waist coat has become quintessential for everyman worth his salt


You can find every brand carrying this product in their stores from Dolce and Gabbana to HSY, Munib Nawaz, Amir Adnan, Ismail Farid, Fahad Hussayn, Ali Xeeshan and more, choose wisely. Wear it well!

More on the gora spectrum of waist coats soon!
Stay fashionable!

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