Jewelry for a Bridal Outfit

Bridal jewellery ideas
There seems to be a huge notion that jewelry needs to be bought after you have ordered your bridal dress. There is no hard and fast rule to this but here is my take on it.

1. Love at first sight.


If you see something that your heart is set on, don’t waste too much time getting it if its falling in your budget. Its not easy finding the perfect Jewels that you will want to wear again and again.

2. Investment.


We all know jewelry isn’t cheap and its a huge investment. Therefore, focus on that and see how far your money is going in getting what you want.

3. Are you my designer?

Make sure to select a designer who is not over whelmed or nervous about the fact that you have already chosen your jewelry. If the designer knows his craft and has the proper education in fashion, he/she will use that as a starting point to get inspired and design something for your big day.

4. Its not a Bank.


You don’t need to put all the money you have saved into your jewelery either. Spending your entire life long savings into the jewels you want to wear on your wedding day is silly and lacks future planning. They should sparkle and set the mood but not be a source of showing your estimated value to the world. Easy does it tiger.

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