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We all know what the seasons are and what to wear during those 4 defined seasons but the biggest question that plagues Men of fashion is what to wear during the IN-BETWEEN season.

We are at the beginning of March which is what most people used to call spring. Now, due to the global climatic changes the seasons have started playing games with us! There are days that are hot as summer could be and then there are days when the chill reminds us of December. So a smart man has to be prepared for everything, not looking great means not feeling great, not dressing appropriately means you’re out of place. Now we don’t want that now do we?


So here’s the thing, I thought I’d compile a list of things that every man should keep in his closet during the in-between season. This will also help you sort your bulkier winter pieces slowly rather than having to spend days rearranging your wardrobe. Here’s a list of things you should keep, add, store and some you might want to donate!

This blog could also come in handy for all the wives, mothers, live-in partners and all those who want their man’s wardrobe to be organized, yet physically controlled within limitations.


Tee shirts form the basis for every man’s wardrobe in every season, during some seasons they hide inside as an integral layer, during others they stand confident as your second skin (having said that I believe a tee shirt is the most unforgiving garment ever designed by designers so make sure your body does justice to wearing something so lanky) I will do a complete tee shirt blog for you guys soon enough discussing do’s and don’t’s for tee shirts.

Back to the importance of tee shirts during in-between seasons – do make sure you have your solid colors always handy black, navy, heather grey, oatmeal white and olive are key colors for desi men. For those who wear more of printed tees, you can keep these colors in your preferred prints. Make sure you have one or 2 Henley tees accessible too. These can come in very handy in creating comfy layers. For the progressive ones – a gradient dyed tee shirt is going to make your look far more dapper.



Every man feels like a jock wearing these pieces that made into the mainstream thanks to our beloved Ralph Lauren. These can be worn for a casual dress down look and up to a business informal chic. Keep these handy, depending on how many you have, take 5 of these out from your summer wardrobe to kick start your in-between season of style.

Suggestions for polos to have during this season that can keep you stylish throughout the summer would be One large pony – your preferred color, one overall printed polo, one across contrast paneled one, if you’re a true polo player a triple pony polo, a clean navy and a brightly colored polo (no branding preferably – subtle hues of branding are an add on to anyone’s style quotient)


You can store your 11oz and plus weight age denims now. keep as many denims handy as you need, depending on your wearing style. One dark denim, one medium and one light are a must keep during every season. One must have during this time is the denim shirt. Keep a nice, classic washed denim shirt. and check if you can get a nice white pair of denims. Works great for polo players, works great for us mortals. 🙂


These need to be worn according to your style quotient, gone are the days when you couldn’t wear wrinkled blazers. While they are still not advised, go ahead wear them if you are an artist. A seer sucker blazer is a must keep during this season, a nice cotton twill softly tailored blazer, a double breasted blazer in navy with contrasting buttons, and a medium steel grey blazer for an outdoor evening situation.

A nice wind blocker comes in handy during the chilly nights. A black biker jacket is always a must have. It can be worn with a formal shirt as well as a tee.  Wear it loud, wear it proud.


These are absolute must-haves. If you were more of a wool trousers person during the winters you can store most of them away now, keep your black and grey woolen trousers accessible for those weddings/ dinners to attend. Otherwise get your chinos out from summer stock. Conservatively speaking, every modern gent should have at least 5 pairs of chinos, khaki, olive, navy, plus 2 of the more featured colors of the season – this season is going to be about reds, yes sadly reds! Not to worry thought, I will work with you on how to carry those pants.  I’m not talking about a fiery red but rather a  more brackish red, or tanned red, and no I do not mean maroon!

Shoes & Accessories

Say bye-bye to those witch inspired thin long shoes if you still haven’t. Shoes this season and the season ahead are all about curves that balance the sharp lines of your outfits. These images are an introduction to shoes you must have now and at least for the next 12 months.

We will round up shoes more closely soon as the most common horrid tales of men’s style in Pakistan (and the lack of proper choice) make news.

Good luck! More on this soon …

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