Skin Savvy Bride!

Girl you may have found your man, but you still need your dermatologist if you want to be a radiant blushing bride with perfect skin, hair and silky smooth body!

No modern day wedding is complete without a sagacious skincare bridal plan. So, let’s talk vital skincare, self-grooming and Gifts!! – Yes gifts, unique personalized skincare gifts that you can reward yourself with to mark the beginning of your new life (pssst…girl friends and close cousins are allowed to chip in too). I am super duper excited as we are going to cover the whole nine yards of personal grooming – skin, hair, eyes, all the way to tips and toes.

Basics Must-Haves:

Invest in a skin appropriate daily regimen.

•    Cleanser
•    Scrub/exfoliant
•    Toner
•    Moisturizer
•    Sun Block SPF 50+


Problem Skin Fixers:

If you suffer from acne and blemishes, you should treat your skin gently with some light peels and by using salicylic acid based products at home on the problem areas, but stick to anti-aging skincare elsewhere to prevent drying out the skin.

Blue LED light treatments help clear skin bacteria and can give you spotless skin; couple them with professional salicylic acid peels to achieve maximum benefit.

For eczema use Omegas, start taking a 6000 mg combination of half flax and half fish oils, whilst looking for skincare products containing rhealba oat and GLA rich oils such as borage, meadow-foam and hemp seed.
Flax seed oil also works wonders for adding radiance to dull complexions, as does weekly exfoliation and regular daily facial massage (do it when you apply your night cream) to stimulate circulation.


Shine Control:

If you suffer from excess shine – use products with Vitamin A and salicylic acid to work on balancing the sebum production Babe AKN acne cleanser, toner and mask help achieve clear shine-free skin.  Practice healthy lifestyle and eating habits, cut out sugary food, fizzy drinks and dairy products. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits. Make sure to keep the skin hydrated by drinking plenty of water and also use a good moisturizer multiple times a day – don’t ignore moisturizers as oily skin can be lacking in hydration. For emergency last minute shine control keep blotting papers at hand.




Eye Bags & Wrinkles:

Stress and tension of planning for the big day, can wreak havoc for the eyes. Eyes are the first areas that show stress in the form of bags, wrinkles, puffiness and dark circles. Drink plenty of water to help avoid bags under the eyes. Light drainage massage with fingertips is key while applying eye products; try AminoGenesis Counter Clockwise kept in the fridge.

Soak cotton pads in rosewater and store in the fridge to cool and use the day before and on the morning of the wedding.

A little help from the pharmacy: AminoGenesis “Gone in sixty seconds” can erase any bags or wrinkles instantly. You can wear “Gone in sixty seconds” on top or under your make up for an instant lifting effect.




Lovely Luscious Lashes:

Long curly eyelashes really give you the glamour effect. If you’re worried about smudged mascara post-vows, go for lash extensions. Opt for a look as close to natural as possible.  If you want to enhance your natural lashes try – “LashGenesis” from AminoGenesis. It helps grow naturally long lashes. Start using it every night 4-6 weeks prior to your big day. On your wedding day you’ll be pleasantly surprised with your own natural long and luscious lashes.




Complete Body Self-Grooming:

When I think of smooth and hair-free skin allover the body only one device comes to mind – Braun Silk-épil 7 SkinSpa – Your one stop multi-tasking personal-grooming must-have device. Braun SkinSpa is a true miracle of technology and innovation and I believe it is truly a personalized answer to all fair maiden beauty dreams – It tweezes, it shaves, it trims and it exfoliates. Yes missy! You heard it right – It exfoliates too!

Bid farewell to dry rough skin with ingrown hair and say hello to silky smooth and healthy skin. Use the SkinSpa sonic bristle technology (wet or dry mode) once or twice a week to remove dead skin from arms, legs and even the face. The exfoliated skin will be visibly radiant and will be ready to absorb your skincare products in a better way too. Epilate (in or out of the shower) once a month to get rid of unwanted hair. On sensitive areas you’d have a choice of using the hair trimmer or the shaver.



Hair Rescue:

Most of us don’t wash our hair every day, and most hairstylists agree that’s a good thing. And while fewer washes may mean a healthier scalp and softer ends, it also can mean greasy roots and a smelly head. Invest in a Dry Shampoo “a girl’s best friend.” It will get rid of the oil in your hair and will add volume as well. If you use hair dryer, straightener, and curlers on a regular basis I’d recommend TRESemme Thermal Creations Heat Tamer Protective Spray to prevent heat damage to the hair shaft. If you want to invest in a flat iron make sure it is gentle and safe yet does the job properly, I recommend Braun Satin Hair Straighteners.

For wash and go flexibility try TIGI Bed Head Manipulator. If your hair is thin and you want to give an illusion of thickness try TOPPIK Hair Building Fibers, you’d be pleasantly surprised to see the thinned out hair spaces disappear.




Manis and Pedis:

Don’t neglect your hands and feet ladies!! Get monthly mani and pedis pre ‘big day’ starting 2-3 months ahead of the big day. Just don’t go crazy filing off too much dry skin from the feet as it’s there for a reason – to protect, especially against the beautiful new shoes you may be wearing for the 10+ hours of your big day!

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