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So I’m back to writing again…

Before father’s day, there was a lot of talk about this “dad bod” fad that came around. Now I don’t know about you all but that acceptance of mediocrity just isn’t me. So I thought about what this trend is all about and what we – the desi gents can learn from this movement.

If you follow my blog, you already are amongst those who bother with a lifestyle that’s cool, awesome and has no place for mediocrity in any aspect of life.

So here are lessons to be learned from the “dadbod” concept and how to up your game. I call it the “DABODXFIT”

Assuming quite a few people have weight troubles and find it extremely difficult to cut that flab around their waists (and everywhere else), I am going to give you some basics about how to get in better shape through some basic exercises and yes some basics on healthy eating.

Step1: Identify Your Goals.

This is very important, everyone has different goals, physiologically speaking, some like Arnold, some like “the Rock” some are Brad Pitt inspired, some more Daniel Craig, Jason Segel , Hamza Ali Abbasi or Fawad Khan.

Whoever you want to be, get one thing in your mind! You have to TRY harder than what you have been doing! The path to physiological awesomeness isn’t easy but once you get the hang of it, it becomes addictive and there’s no better feeling than knowing that your body obeys you!

Here’s What You Need :

Set aside one hour 5 days a week and 30 minutes the other 2 days .. yes there’s no off day, your body is working round the clock, it deserves this time for itself.

This is an intermediate level routine assuming most people have already gone to the gym a couple of times in their lives and know basics.


STRETCH! The key to effective training! Do all types of stretching that you know!
3 minutes

CARDIO – 15 minutes – push yourself from day one! Start walking at a decent pace something that takes your pulse up. If 10 is extremely painful I’m talking nothing below 7 so your knees and body know that you are about to do something fun.
-90 second rest-

Follow the walk with a cardio routine :

3 sets of 10/15 reps each of squats (body weight or you can hold some dumb bells if you’re up for it) make sure the posture is clean. People complain about their knees and lower back because they don’t keep good posture. I’ll post a correct form picture here for your reference .. the idea is to lock your tail bone, push hips back and bend slowly straight down while not leaning forward!

-90 second rest-


Try to hold the plank position for one minute each time .. try to do this thrice. If you start to tremble, it’s alright! That only means your body is using muscles that haven’t been used before. The trembling will subside soon enough and your fat around your tummy too!

-120 second rest –


Every man has done these, it’s the quintessential men’s workout! Try to push yourself to do one more after it starts to hurt .. add one more per set .. 3 sets..

-90 second rest-


Even if you can’t pull yourself up, make sure you keep hanging there for as long as you possibly can. Thrice! Let it stretch your back, open your wings up. If you can pull up your target is to reach threshold of 8, 9 & 10 in each set!
-90 second rest-

Lie flat on the floor, tuck your tummy in, try and make your tail bone meet the floor, lift your legs straight up 2 feet above the floor. Slowly go back down. Repeat this to your own personal threshold of 8, 9 & 10 in the 3 sets.

People say this exercise is way too hardcore for starters, I disagree, I think this exercise is possibly the most important for everyone, irrespective of your age, gender, or level.

You don’t have to put in 100kgs each side to do this but this is the core you develop that helps you do every activity.
Put a weight that’s suitable for you on a barbell. Stiff your legs, tummy in, tailbone out, hips slightly out and locked.

Bend over without bending your legs. Reach as close to the ground as you can keeping your tail bone locked.

Do three sets of your personal threshold from 7 to 8 to 9 .

Remember the effort you put in is between you and yourself! I don’t want to give you weights or the number of reps because you can define that for yourself. Make sure you are pushing your threshold!

For the first 3 days do these exercises, and then take a day off for a casual stroll around your neighbourhood.

Day 5 &6 are to get back to the gym again.

Day 7 is again a gentle stroll or a swim, or simply whatever you fancy.



The dad bod is all about getting enough protein and fat. So have a big meal of 2/3 eggs and brown bread or may be oats/cereal (non-sugary), with tea/coffee (preferably un-sweetened).

Ditch those oily parathas, oil drenched puris and what not. Remember, the start of the day has to be protein-richl for the struggle to be fruitful.


I suggest to keep your lunch more or less like your ordinary meal. No strings attached. 1 chappati/a small bowl of rice (white or brown) with beans/vegetable/meat (in any form you prefer) would be appreciated. A little amount of fiber, salad that is, would be of no harm.


Hungry before dinner? Here comes the fruit time. Get a little vitamins and proteins so you have enough energy to make it up to dinner and of course to add a radiance to your skin. – APPLE AND NATURAL PEANUT BUTTER make FOR A great snack!

Follow the regular menu for dinner . 1 chappati/a small bowl of rice with beans/vegetables/meat (in any form you prefer). But avoid having dinner and jumping into the bed right after it. And specially say NO to late night snacks.

● Workout
● Fuel your body
● Say no to CRAP-
● Carbonated sodas are killers.
● Your body doesn’t really need sugar but if your mind needs it, feed it! After all, you are what you eat! You exist in this world with your body. What it looks like and functions like is your responsibility not vice versa!

Happy Training!

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