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So we have all worn bags, from the ugly ones throughout our school days to the work bags and everything in between, our memories of bags are bittersweet. All grown up, we have bills to pay, work to do and bags to carry. Here’s my take on how carrying a bag by a grown man can still be stylish and manly!


We carry bags for various purposes and till few years ago I know most men just had one kind of a bag in which they threw in everything  – from their laptops to their gym clothes and even their sneakers. Thank God, things have evolved and men now have different types of bags for different functions. So whether you are a corporate tycoon who has files and documents to carry to work or an artistic business man or a fitness freak who loves to keep his gym clothes and shoes in order, this is your quintessential guide to the kind of bags you need to invest in, right now!




The man’s man’s bag! If you are a business shark, handling multiple companies and a whole lot of real paper work to avoid that god-forsaken opening of the computer, then this is your bag. This is not the briefcase that your dad used to take to work, but a more sophisticated slicker version of it! It can hold all your documents and your laptop in a really slick little number. These come in various shapes and sizes. I suggest a simple black or brown leather one, if you are the skin type then having a crocodile skin briefcase makes you look like the king of the jungle of the corporate world.

For the younger under 30 type millionaires, who want to carry a funkier version of the briefcase try out some of the patterned or even embroidered briefcases featured below.

Verdict: Briefcases are badass!



So for those business travelers who travel for the night and have to hit the gym even during their travels, they need a bag that carries their essentials and doesn’t take away from their style quotient. For these guys is a “carryall” and yes knowing the name is important. This is a bigger version of a duffel bag; it can carry a change of clothing like a pair of denims, a polo/shirt, shoes and your gym essentials along with the most important bag for any man. The Toiletry bag! Please stop putting your toiletries in a plastic bag while traveling. Invest in a good carryall and a toiletry bag. Carryall with 2 contrasting stripes are the most chic ones, they make you look classy and sporty at the same time!

  1. GYM BAG

The most important part of getting to the gym is the prep. With an efficient gym bag your life’s struggle of getting to the gym becomes less of a hassle and instead if you’re one of the people at the gym whose bag is apt, you may get some additional importance. The gym bag should have at least 3 different compartments. 4 are even more effective. One is for your shoes, one for your gym accessories like headphones, gloves, belts, etc. one main compartment is your clothing change. If your bag has a fourth one use that for your used gym clothes so they smell doesn’t spread. However the 3 compartments work just fine, as long as you put an air freshener in your bag!


Your grooming essentials like deodorant, shaving foams, razors, after shave, body washes, shampoos etc all are very important for you and hence need a distinct home that takes care of them. Their home, the toiletry bag, comes with some of your favorite colognes at gift shops. So it’s not an added expense, most people take this bag for granted and never really use them but for the 21st cent gent, we highly recommend that you keep a toiletry bag of your favorite brand and use it to carry your grooming essentials.


In today’s technologically advanced world everyone has their iPads , and their tablets and their beats pill. Carrying them around in your hands could be very uncomfortable. This is where the messenger bag comes to save the day. It is slightly bigger than the satchel and can we worn over the shoulder. If you’re a student at college then this is the perfect pick!

   What’s your bag type ?

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