Urban Decay Mascara Resurrection!

Oh. My. God. My obsession has been made complete by this latest addition to Urban Decay’s line. They have brought us Mascara Resurrection, a serum that brings your mascara ‘back to life’ so that you may keep topping up your mascara in peace. Lord knows I have clump issues when I try to top up my mascara between day and night looks and this couldn’t be more perfectly timed!

urban decay mascara resurrection

The lash comb in liquid form provides a formula created to soften mascara and get the lashes ready for another coat. It separates and defines each lash between coats and I love it!!!

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The lightweight and oil-free formula boasts special blends of ingredients to moisturise your lashes too. It also promises to improve lash health even with many coats of mascara. The purple tube of this miraculous concoction is available worldwide NOW. Ladies, you won’t regret this!

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