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When my best friend suggested going to the IMATS in London this year I jumped at the opportunity to see what the beauty Gods had in store! Everything from Bobbi Brown to Kevin Aucoin. There were even brands I never heard of so it was definitely a great learning curve for every makeup fan .

A particular one worth a mention is Artist of Makeup Cosmetics. As I walked past the booth I ran into a dear friend who was helping out there. Soon enough I was introduced to the significant other of the woman behind the brand and voila Zukreat Nazar herself, a lovely lady of Iraqi decent has been a celebrity makeup artist and YouTube sensation for years. She has brought forward a brand tailored for every girl. She even goes as far as giving tutorials on how to use her products.


Something that appealed to me was that she exuded that Middle Eastern radiance and her makeup was that of what I’d imagined every girl would try to attain. Beautifully drawn eyes and flawless skin, she is an inspiration to your everyday girl. Upon speaking to her she kindly handed over a few of her best sellers – eye liner, highlight and contour sticks.


As soon as I had the chance I started to play with my new found goodies and one word comes to mind – love! I absolutely love the texture of the sticks! True to the fact that they are creamy, they glide on effortlessly. Also, conveniently packaged in sticks is perfect for the girl on the go and doesn’t leave much time wasted. With a stippling brush you can blend easily for a natural finish and I have to say the results are simply perfect, especially for the likes of me who doesn’t wear foundation. Colors perfect for my skin tone are the Highlight and Contour Sticks in Medium. Definitely worth adding to your makeup collection.


Next is the incredible Extreme Art Liner Pen. If you’re big on eyeliner as me then this is it ladies, get this! Its brush is so easy to work with and just like the contour and highlight stick, it glides on so easily! I’m not just saying it, the proof is there. I mean, why else would it be one of the top sellers? The pigmentation is wonderful and the longevity is fantastic. It doesn’t rub off easily and nor does it require much artistry when drawing on. Even with eye shadows it doesn’t look faded and will hold true to the truest of blacks.


This brand is one to definitely watch out for and whilst in London, you can shop for the products online (for now) on

Believe you me, you would not want to miss out!

Author – Miriam Nakhla

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