Color Studio Professional Brush Review

I was on the hunt for good quality makeup brushes that were locally available when I heard about Color Studio launching their own limited edition set of brushes. Trust me when I say they were limited edition since it was extremely difficult to get a hold of these, but thankfully they have added these brushes to their permanent product line up now!

budget friendly makeup brushes

Flat Top Kabuki Foundation Brush

Now, I was always a person who applied their foundation with fingers but this Flat Top Kabuki Foundation brush has made me never want to use my fingers again! It buffs the foundation in with so much ease since the bristles are really tightly packed together and give a flawless finish! I actually love it more than my Sigma one so that’s definitely saying something

flat top kabuki foundation brush

kabuki foundation brush

Dome Powder Face Brush

Now this brush is excellent, the brushes are super soft, you can really pack on the powder or go for a more natural coverage but the only thing that bothers me is the size. It’s just a bit too big for my face. I like powder brushes that are fluffy and full, and this would work for a person who isn’t very fussy or has a broader face – but for my it’s just too big. That doesn’t mean I don’t use it, I still do on an everyday basis – just wish it was a bit smaller in size!

powder face brush

powder face brush close up

Double Ended Concealer Brush

I LOVE this brush seriously, out of all the brushes that I have EVER used, this is my favorite hands down. If one were to ask me about a single brush that I just could not live without, this will have to be it. The first side is perfect for placing the concealer ( especially handy if you use concealers from a jar, my favorite is the NYX Concealer In A Jar ) and the other blends to a perfection! Regardless of whether I’m using a thicker consistency concealer or a easy to blend liquid one – the result is amazing with minimal effort from my side. Works really works around to blend concealer around the nose area and the chin as well.

I actually have two of these that I use, and a third one as a back up since at first there were said to be limited edition.

concealor brush

eye brush close ups

Angled Eye Liner Brush

This brush is one that I did not like at all when I first started using it, it just wasn’t dense enough for liner and it crated a mess. I then started using it on my brows and while it was okay to use there, I still wasn’t reaching for it regularly. After that I tried using it to line my lower lash line with shadow and it works much better there, but still not something that I’m as in love with compared to the other brushes. I’d say skip this one and get the others.

eye liner brush

angled eye liner brush

All in all, the Color Studio brushes are AMAZING and excellent quality for their price. They have a couple more in the line-up which I will be picking up soon. The Double Ended Concealer Brush and the Flat Top Kabuki Brush are must buys! You will not regret purchasing these! I’ve washed them a couple of times and they barely shed, clean really well and easily too! All in all, with these brushes you get your money’s worth and more!


Kabuki Brush : 1250

Blush Brush : 1050

Double Ended Concealer Brush : 550

Nail Art Brush Set : 800
Nail Art Dotting Set : 850
Pointed crease brush : 395
Angle Eye liner Brush : 280
Flat Shader Brush: 350
Precision Lip Brush : 495

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