How To Rock The Perfect Bold Lips This Fall

Perfect bold lips for fall

It’s almost mid-October (where DID this year go anyway ?) and Fall never felt more welcome. While Summer and its vibrance are always exciting, there’s something ever so comforting about the colors and feel of Fall. Fall is dominated by ochre-based colors and Tan is big too, as it has been for most of 2015. Yet what seems to have taken the beauty world by storm in makeup trends this Fall is the dark, smokey, almost vampy lip !


Almost every beauty guru worth her name has taken to a Fall look with a deep, berry or brown lip with softer eye makeup. Brown lips are HUGE this Fall, I’d even go as far as saying browns are the new reds this season.


So what’s stopping you from embracing a nice bold, vampy lip this fall ? Here’s your definitive guide to choosing and rocking the perfect lips this Fall!


Color families you should be looking at :


Maroons, Burgundys, Deep Bricks, Berry Browns, Brown Nudes, Darker Plums, True Browns, Brown Reds


Who can carry off a perfect bold fall lip ?


Absolutely anyone! Brown lipsticks are so versatile that they can be carried off by anyone, all you need to do is find the right color family for your undertone. Very pale skinned women can opt for true browns with pink undertones while dusky to darker skinned women can opt for red-based or rust-based browns.


Women with lighter eyes and lighter hair can opt for pink and burgundy based bold shades.


Deep red-based burgundys look great on brunettes and dark-eyed girls.



Go easy on the eyes :


When you’re opting for a solid, bold color on the lips go easy on the eye makeup. Smokey eyes and dark shadows are best left for a Halloween day look, opt for clean shadows in neutral shades or a simple winged-liner look at most.


Opting for heavy eye makeup alongside a bold look not just makes the look too severe, it also makes you look older.



Perfect base :

While a smooth, flawless base is the most important part of any look, you need to be especially careful when working with browns and bold shades. Use a good concealer and foundation with a pearly, slightly luminescent finish. MAC Mineralise Skin Finish and Clinique SuperBalanced foundation have a good finish that doesn’t mattify skin too much. Since the lip is super matte, opt for soft makeup for the rest of the face. Highlighters work great on the cheekbones with this look!


Clothing :


A bold lip is pretty much a statement in itself. Fall clothes like scarves, boots, jackets, mittens and pullovers all look great with a bold lip. The whole idea of bold lips in fall is to add color because the rest of the body is usually all insulated with dull layers of clothing.


Remember that the right brown lip color should instantly brighten your complexion, if you look washed out or tired, ditch the shade and try other color families.

Wear it like you own it :


I always believe one can carry off the boldest looks with just one secret – confidence. If you’re new to this whole bold lip color thing, wear your lippie around the house for a while or around people you’re really comfortable with so that you get used to the idea of it, before you venture to a huge event.


There’s nothing like confidence to look and feel your best!

Here are some good Fall lip colors from popular brands that I love :


NARS VIP Red, Lancome Rose Couture, Laura Mercier Creme de Cassis (super fave) , Loreal Color Riche Zoe’s Red, Tom Ford Bruised Plum, Bite Beauty Cream Lipstick Elderberry, Lancome Le Magenta, MAC DIva, MAC Taupe, MAC All Fired Up, Loreal Star Reds Sonam Kapoor, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Transylvannia, Urban Decay Matte lipstick Blackmail, YSL Prune Virgin, Maybelline Lip Studio Plum Please, Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Color Plum Brandy


Don’t be afraid to experiment girls ! Happy Fall 🙂



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