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My obsession withHourglass Cosmeticsgrew the moment I received their Ambient®Bronzer as a birthday present last year. Following the brand and learning the passion behind its luxurious feel, nothing screams more to me than the ethics of the brand as a whole. True to their commitment to reinvention, they are doing just that.

Back to the bronzer, I will never forget the first time using it and how lovely the packaging was, not to mention how pigmented and easy it is to use – it just adheres to the brush and in one fair swoop you’ve got it on! Don’t even get me started on the iridescence of it all.

With the latest trend of strobing where every beauty brand on the planet has jumped on the bandwagon of various illuminators,Hourglassbrings theAmbient®Strobe Lighting Powder. These strobing powders come in four beautiful shades and are just what any true makeup junkie will have to add to their collection. The powders contain ultra-fine pearl particles to give the appearance of the purest highlight to your face along with the promise of truly luminesce glows without looking glittery.


The four shades are:

Incandescent Strobe Light– a pearl powder that brightens with a gorgeous glow
Iridescent Strobe Light– a softer pink powder promising to give a more refined glow
Euphoric Strobe Light– a pearly beige powder offering more natural shimmer
Brilliant Strobe Light– a gold powder giving a wonderful shimmer and luxurious highlight to the skin

So after you’ve finished, blushed and bronzed that gorgeous skin top it all off with the perfect highlight in any of these gorgeous shades. I swear by the brand and its wonderful products, not to mention I will keep an eye out for what they have to offer in the near future. There are only big things to come from such a marvellous brand.

Available at Harrods, Urban Retreat and

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