Top 5 Local Beauty Must-Get Products From India

India is a land of great culture and diversity. In the midst of some of the most modern innovations here, we still see traditions at the heart of this beautiful land. This trend follows through to the beauty industry as well. From using a whole lot of modern cosmetics and skincare products to using ingredients right off their counters, Indian women manage both, and efficiently!

Today we have a selection of local products available in India that can easily match a high-end luxury brand’s range (almost) So the next time you travel to India, or know someone who is, stock up on these little goodies!

Make – up :


1. Lakme Satin Eye Kohl – Kohl is a statement makeup item almost every woman in India wears . For most women who are new to the idea of makeup, Kohl is a saviour – it accentuates rather than masks. Lakme is one of India’s earliest and most trusted beauty lines. From compact powders to the more recent gloss range, Lakme has come a long way earning the trust of thousands of women with their affordable yet quality products.

Why you should own it – A basic kohl paired with a lip gloss is probably the most simple yet most chic look one could opt for. This kohl is great for a soft, smokey look as it smudges well. If you’re not an eyeshadow hoarder, you could go ahead and add some Vaseline to this and make it a cream black eyeshadow because of its long wear and smooth texture.


2. Elle 18 Street Wear Lipsticks – The Street Wear range was introduced as a funky, peppy range of bright colored cosmetics for teens and tweens. Though not very popular, the brand was recently in the news for their new line of lipsticks – well appreciated for their creamy texture and affordable price ($3). These lipsticks come in wearable shades for all desi tones and are quite the pick for their staying power and price. Make sure you pick up some next time you’re here.

Why you should own it – Do you really need a reason to buy more lipsticks, especially when they come in such fun colors as these?



1. Himalaya neem face wash/ neem face pack – I tried hard to choose between the wash and pack, but both these products are just so good, that deciding between them would be criminal. From your oily sin woes to yucky blackheads, Himalaya neem face wash is guaranteed to leave your skin free of these unwanted guests. The best part is, it doesn’t rip your skin of moisture unlike those salicylic acid laden foaming washes.

The face pack is great for days when your skin looks dull for absolutely no reason – it brightens, purifies and rejuvenates. It works SO much better than the peel-off fruit masks available in stores (not that they aren’t fun).

Why you should own it – A single product that can help your skin get better with each use is not that easy to come by.


2. Forest Essentials Ubtan – The land of Ayurveda would definitely have a product line dedicated to the art and hence Forest Essentials was born, desribing themselves as ‘luxurious ayurveda’ if there’s such a thing.

Ubtan was essentially every to-be bride’s skincare ritual in areas of Bengal, where the skin was slathered with a rich paste of mustard oils, gram flour and sandalwood. It claimed to lighten skin color and leave skin glowing and is still used by countless women in Kolkatta today. Their beautiful skin should attest to the powers of this mixture.

Why you should own it – Though not homemade, the commercial version does contain most of the ingredients in the original Ubtan, an added ingredient is Fuller’s Earth. With regular use, this pack helps improve not just skin texture but also exfoliates and improves circulation.

Hair :


Henna – No list of Indian beauty would be complete without a mention of haircare products. Most women in India still use henna to condition, thicken and cover greys in their hair. Regular usage of henna improves the texture and thickness of hair. The Indian market is loaded with various brands of henna, both for hair color and for ‘mehendi’ for women. A few popular brands are Shahnaz Hussain, Habib’s, VLCC and Biotique for quality henna. Some brands also mix their henna with more ingredients like Hibiscus flowers and amla for more potency, but a pure, unaltered version of henna works best.

What Indian brands/locally available products do you recommend to your international friends. Do let us know in the comments section below!

Author – Rachel Vera

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