MAC Lipstick Shades Popularized by Celebrities

MAC is the queen bee of lipsticks, and rightly so.  With a huge variety of different shades and textures to choose from, no wonder MAC lipsticks are so popular.  Here are some of the most popular MAC lipsticks popularized by celebrities!



1.  Ruby Woo



Ever since Rihanna became MAC’s brand ambassador, call it the ‘Rihanna effect’ but matte red lips have taken over the world.  Ruby Woo was first launched in 1999 as part of their new retro matte formula.  Essentially it was a mattified version of MAC’s classic Russian Red lipstick.  Ruby Woo quickly became one of the top-selling lipstick shades in the United States and is a hit color from North America to the Middle East!  It looks good on all literally all skin tones.

2.  Angel

Kim Kardashian told the world in 2011 that Angel from MAC was her favorite lipstick shade, and it has been a best-seller ever since.  Angel is a soft pink lipstick with a touch of frost.


3.  Russian Red

Reds are one of the best-selling lipstick shades and Mac’s Russian Red was initially popularized by Madonna who wore it when the brand just started. It’s still popular today and is one of the best-selling reds by MAC.

4. MAC Velvet Teddy



Popularized by Kylie Jenner’s full pout, Velvet Teddy and MAC’s Soar and Whirl Lip Pencil are perfect to fake fuller lips, Jenner style.


5. MAC Please Me


Kareena Kapoor’s peachy complexion favors MAC Please me, a pastel pink matte that she has sworn by on several occasions. The color has also been worn by Nicki Minaj, though it shows up as more of a neon pink on her.

6. MAC Diva

A deep brick-toned red from MAC, this color has been worn by desi diva Deepika Padukone on several events – she has paired it both with traditional looks as well as evening gowns. The color gives a perfect dark lip look and looks great paired with gold-hued outfits.


                          Which is your favorite color from MAC? Tell us in the comments !

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