MAC Lipsticks for Desi Dark Skin Girls

Finding the right lipstick colors for deeper Desi skin tones is something we got a lot of requests for.  I didn’t have a model with a typical light brown skin tone so I chose a little darker of an arm to swatch on.  You have to try the colors on yourself before you make up your mind, I’m positive you’ll find one in each category that you’ll love. Here are some lipsticks that I find work well with deeper Desi skin tones, I tried to keep colors for lighter brown and deeper brown girls.  Have a look!

1. Reds

Diva: Is an all time favorite color that looks great on almost all skin colors.  On deeper Desi skin tones, it looks like a beautiful deep red.

Viva Glam 1: Is another beautiful red that looks natural and subtle on deeper skin tones.  Love this color.

Ruby Woo: Is a color which Rihanna made popular most recently.  It looks great as a red that pops.


2.  Pinks

Lovelorn: My mom is a deeper desi skin tone, and has worn this color forever.  I find the coolness in the undertone looks great on indian/pakistan brown skin.

Girl About Town: Is a classic hot pink that looks natural on deeper skin tones.

Pigeon Pink: Is one of those colors that looks AMAZING on deeper Desi skin tones (seriously Google the swatches) its a great bold color.

Modesty: Is a nice natural pink that gives a nudeish pink look to deeper Desi skin.

Impassioned: Is a bright hot pink that looks good if your looking for a summer statement lip.  Check it out.



3.  Browns/Nudes

Yash is a nude designed my Mickey Contractor who is the director of Makeup Artistry for MAC India.  He made it specifically for Desi’s.  It looks good on light brown desi girls.

Bronze Shimmer: Is a beautiful color that looks great as a soft nude lip with a gold tint.  Looks stunning on deeper skin tones, you really have to try it to see how good it looks.

Taupe is a classic brownish shade that looks good on deeper Desi skin tones, I like to use lip liner to adjust the shade to suit the specific skin tone I’m working with.  A classic.

Touch: Is a nice nude for deeper skin tones with a glossy finish.  Really natural on!

Double Shot: is also a nice brown for much deeper Desi skin.


4.  Vampy

Film Noir a really nice Vampy Shade on deeper skintones.  I love the undertones in this color that make it look so beautiful on.


5. Orange

Chilli: Is one of those colors that ALL Desi girls love, especially on deeper skin tones.  It just looks WOW.

Lady Danger is a beautiful beautiful orange based red that looks amazing on deeper skin tones.   Really pops and gives a sexy look.


6.  Plums

Rebel is a gorgeous plum shade that looks fabulous on deeper skin tones.  A must get!

Captive is a nice everyday plum shade that you can wear when you don’t want to wear pink.


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