MAC’s BEST Mascara EVER?!

No matter what the season or where your going, lashes are SO important for even the simplest makeup look.  Like lipsticks, I love collecting, layering and playing with different mascaras.  Recently I tried MAC’s newest Extreme Dimension 3d Black Lash Mascara and was really amazed how well it worked! To begin with the formula is SUPER SUPER black which is essential to give your lashes the perfect lash look.  Secondly, what really stood out about this mascara was the way it separates the lashes – Ah-mazing!!! No need to comb out the lashes or even pick out any clumps, because there are none! With even one coat it perfectly separates and extends the lashes with no extra work required.

I loved the brush, I found it easy to handle and liked how the different size bristles work with the lashes.  To create volume, you just need a few coats.  I’ve used this mascara on myself, on clients and even in class when doing makeup demos and it truly completes any makeup look.  Beautiful, bold lashes that stand out.

“MAC’s lightweight whipped formula now in an intense blacker than black pigment saturates lashes root to tip, adds volume, extends length and creates curl, while conditioning for softness and flexibility. The final result: extreme dimension that won’t smudge, clump or flake. Exclusive mega brush designed to apply optimal amount of mascara. Ophthalmologist tested.” – MAC Cosmetics 

Do note that not every mascara works the same on every type of lash – I would say this mascara works well on most type of lashes besides very straight or naturally thin lashes.  Other then that – love love love! Recommended!


 Disclaimer: MAC’s Extreme Dimension 3d Black Lash Mascara was provided by MAC PR for our consideration


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Nilo Haq
Tagged as one of the five women to have shaped the beauty industry in the Middle East, Nilo is a pro makeup artist with stints at MAC Cosmetics, Toni&Guy, & Alexander Zouari Paris. Nilo Haq is the founder of iGlow Studios, Snobby Face lashes and creator of the first ever Online Makeup Course made for South Asian women. Nilo is now based in Toronto and is a sought-after bridal makeup artist who runs makeup workshops across three continents.

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