Loreal Star Reds Collection Pure Amaranthe Review !

Who doesn’t love a hot pink lipstick ? It’s bold, it’s fun, it sets heads turning, it makes a statement, it’s pretty much an endless road of opportunities for those willing to take a swipe or two. Have I piqued your interest yet ?


Pinks are probably the most versatile color family of lipsticks for girls. From soft nudes to bright neon pops, pink are worn by almost everyone. The lipstick I’m reviewing today is a cool toned, red-based pink closest in comparison to All Fired Up by MAC. This one is a little lighter where AFU is more deep, and this is more pink where the former shows prominent red undertones.


Pure Amaranthe has been marketed as part of the L’oreal Paris Star Reds collection and while it isn’t a red at all, I’m sure you’ll love this color if you’re a red lips junkie.

pure amaranthe 1

L’oreal says :


  • Innovative formula that delivers bold, luscious color that lasts for 6 hours
  • Enriched with new light illum complex that delivers a rich matte effect
  • Velvet fusion capsules and ultra gliding shine oils provide smooth and silky application
  • Pure pigments deliver intense color and Jojoba oil gives perfect hydration up to 4 hours


Review :

First off, I cannot stop gushing about how pretty Pure Amaranthe is ! I’ve shied away from hot pinks so far, as I can only imagine neony pinks (think Nicky Minaj) when I dare to venture into this zone, but this lipstick has done away with all those myths.


The lipstick is a rich pinky-red with a bit of purple. It imparts rich color with a single swipe but I go with 2-3 swipes anyway to get a nice full-bodied color.

pure amaranthe3

The formula is described as ‘velvet matte’ which is quite apt because it isn’t very creamy but isn’t drying either. It gives a perfect matte finish very similar to a MAC Retro Matte finish.

What I love about this lipstick is

  • The color (it’s fabulously pretty )
  • The pigmentation (wow- worthy)
  • The texture (matte, not overly drying)


What could be better

  • It transfers a lot, not that it’s a major issue but you’ve got to be careful when the color is as bright as this to avoid embarrassing color transfers.

pure amaranthe2

Overall, I think L’oreal’s Star Reds Range has some very beautiful reds with pink and orange hues if you’re up for a fiery pout. Pure Amaranthe is a hot pick this festive season to wear with your ehtnic outfits. Go ahead and make a statement!

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