The Hottest Trends To Sport This Fall

After an extra colorful Spring and an extra hot Summer, one can only welcome the soft mellow hues of Fall. Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for sunshine and beach trips but there’s something so exciting about Fall, almost reassuring in a way that says that it’s time for scarves, pumpkin recipes, covering up, cream blushes, bold lips and BOOTS all over again.


Designers have been experimenting with a melange of trends this summer and some of them have transcended into Fall as well. Take a look at the hottest trends to wear this season to take your style to the next level !


Capes & Cardigans :


Capes ruled this year and were seen on almost everyone on the fashion scene. Simple, flowy capes add that additional oomph to dress, jeans and even shorts if you’re up for it .


Just pair your capes over a tank and ripped jeans or wear them over a short shift dress to add inches to your silhouette.


If you’re not looking to invest in a good cape (they ARE kinda expensive if you go for the brands) , make your own instead. You could use any sheer fabric to make a flowy cape. Another great way to wear this trend is to double up a shirt dress or a long shirt as a cardigan or cape. This is a great way to give those forgotten pieces in your wardrobe a new lease of life.



Scarves :



Scarves are such a basic to have this season. A colorful shawl can jazz up a dull outfit while a deep one can complete a formal evening look.


Prints like geometrics and animals print are great to wear but florals are are no -no . Save the florals for Spring and Summer.


Polka dotted scarves or striped ones are fun if you’re looking to wear a more casual day look.


Scarves in marsala, plum, tan , jade, fuchsia and ochre are in vogue and go well with leather jackets and boots that most of us opt for this time of the year.


Scarves are all about the drapes, so check out our Pinterest feed on fun draping ideas.


Boots :


Duh ! Boots are a staple for the colder months, everyone knows it. While most of us are fine with the ankle length boots, experiment with knee- length boots and fringe boots this season as they’re all the rage. I’m going to dedicate an entire post to boots soon so stay tuned for that on the blog.



Pant Suits :


Let’s admit it, androgynous pants and jackets are somehow so flattering on our curves (the irony ) . Double-breasted jackets can seem pretty 70s and all that but pant suits with a hint of shoulder padding are taking the ramp by storm!


You can wear this in a solid color for a sleek, slimming effect or experiment with prints with lace inserts for a more flirty look.


Be warned though that unsightly bulges are NOT cool, androgynous or not. Make sure your suit is tailored to perfection before wearing it, spandex is a secret saviour here 😉


The Fringe :



Fringe bags, boots and outfits have survived the summer to steal the show this Fall as well. Look for burnt yellows, sienna, tan or shades of brown to get the look.


Beige , grey and black are great too but not as show-stealing as the former colors.


Fringe boots and bags are total statement pieces so downplay the rest of your look while wearing these.

Ultimately, trends change every season and there’s really nothing as fresh and appealing as personalising these trends to suit you best. Wear it and own it, hashtag your Fall Fashion outfits with #desibeautyblog and you may just be featured on our page this season!



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