How to Wear Winter Makeup!


Winter is a time of the year where cold winds touch our skin. The color palette for winter makeup brings along beautiful shades of rich plum and deep berries. Since the skin is naturally the palest this season counter balance this ‘snow white effect of the skin’ with shades of wine and darker colors. Enjoy the beauty of the winter with a different makeup look instead of trying to achieve the sun tan of the summer.

The winter color palette can also play well on tanned skin. Generally tanned skin takes gold, peaches and orange well but for the winter try to keep a nice clean makeup look for the eyes and dark berry on the lips. You will have a beautiful new direction to your makeup look. Not everyone is comfortable with very dark colors, so a good trick for people who cannot see themselves with dark lips is try a lip stain instead of a solid color. I personally love staining the lips as it gives color to the face without taking the softness away.


For gals who are comfortable with dark lip shades, to really enrich the color and to help it last longer wear a blue eye pencil on the lips first and then apply a dark wine lipstick on top. Not only will it last longer it will give that magical tone to your lip shade. Mixing makeup always offers the best results!


For the eyes pair your dark lips with elongated eyeliner or try a deep bronze, dull gold or deep blue color on the the base of the eye. Finish off your winter look with lots of mascara.



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Saima Bargfrede
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