Valentines Day Makeup – Statement Eyes or Red Lips?

After the jolly season of Christmas and the new year we end the romantic season with the grand finale of valentines day! Many songs come to mind for this occasion…”color me red”…”lady in red”, but why is that our thoughts only get stuck on red lips? Let’s get creative, of course the classic red lipstick is the way to go but you can also change up your look by focusing more on your eyes. Try a beautiful glittery eye liner as it can bring all the attention to the eyes.

Look 1: Glamorous Glittery Eyes



1) Apply a neutral eye shadow all over your eye area after you’ve applied your base. Avoid any strong colors, as you only want to give your skin a tint.

2) Dip your eyeliner brush in water and then into some glitter. Apply it like you would normally apply your eyeliner. You may have to repeat it a few times to get the color to be strong. You can also use a base mixer for liner from the MAC Pro line.

3) It’s strongly recommended to pair your glittery eye look with a natural lip shade to let the eyes be the main focus of your look.


Look 2: Bold Red Lips


If you prefer to have wear the statement red lipstick follow these steps to help your lipstick last longer and to keep it in shape.

1) Sometimes we have blue/grey undertones on our lips that can change the brightness of the red lipstick so wear foundation on your lips and dap it with powder to give the lip color a lift.

2) Once you apply your lipstick, reapply the powder around your lips to give it a perfect look. This will help your lipstick not to bleed and to stay in place longer.

3) To finish of your Bold Red Lip Look, choose a dusky gold eye shadow on the eye lids with an eye pencil inside your eyes for definition.


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