The Mahraja Look


The term maharaja (the king or the royal look) is well known. Although it originates from centuries ago, it has now been transformed into a look for females.


The look is mostly no eye makeup on the upper lid of the eye but rather more a smudged charcoal line concentrated under the eye that extends straight from the inner eye towards the outer side of the eye. It is a look anyone can pull off but ideal for small eyes or for Asian eyes.


1) Begin by lining the inside of the upper and lower eye with a black, dark brown or midnight blue pencil.

2) Don’t put any liner on the upper lid and keep the focus under the eye. Slowly start by applying liner on your lower lid more as a straight line and extend your eyeliner a bit longer then normal.

3) Use a brush or even your finger tips and gently rub over the liner you created to make it look softer and to blend the line without smudging it.

TIP: Change it up by applying blue inside the eye and black outside to make it more dramatic and as well to change it up from the usual black eye pencil.

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Saima Bargfrede
A Global Hair and Makeup Artist, Saima Bargfrede has mastered her skills from beauty shoots to movies from the US, Africa, Pakistan, India, and is currently making Europe her very own canvas to beautify. A former TV Hostess and Model, her decades of worldwide training and experience makes her our Beauty Guru in every way!

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