How to Choose Makeup Colors

How to choose makeup color

Make up is all about colors but that doesn’t mean you put them on all at once. When choosing makeup colors there should always be the right balance. Every girl wants to know which colors will look good on her skin. An important aspect to take into consideration is that your hair color reflects onto your skin. So keep both in mind when choosing your makeup colors.

Light Skin (Gori)


Light skin is a general term which varies depending on where you are from. It’s important to note that European light skin is different to ‘Gori’ skin. Gori skin tones should choose colors which don’t make you look washed out or pale, but instead brighten you up. If you have dark hair in shades of medium to deep brown or even black look for stronger colors to counter balance it. The best way to do this is to stay strong with makeup colors to balance the dark hair and light skin. Try colors like reds, deep wine on the lips. If you not afraid to experiment you could also wear fuchsia beautifully. For the eyes choose mauve’s and purples to really make them pop.
Medium Skin
Medium is a great skin tone since it has more yellow pigments as compared to light skin. Medium skin tones should choose colors like coral, peach and pinks for the lips. For the eyes try shades of terracotta or turquoise which would look great with your colorings.
Dark Skin
Dark skin takes colors beautifully. Your major challenge would be to try not to choose colors that make you look too dark or too light. Choosing colors that are too light will make your skin look grey which nobody wants. Enjoy your dusky beauty by playing with colors like bright green, blue, orange or magenta (brighter colors are the key). Pay more attention to your foundation and don’t fight your color but instead embrace it’s beauty.


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