New Color… New You!

Change your usual makeup colours and discover a new self.

It gets boring doing the same makeup again and again over the years. It’s quite common for many of us to get overly comfortable in our makeup looks that we are too scared to try something new. We all have our favourite ‘play-it-safe’ colors especially multi-taking working women and mothers because of lack of time or long working hours. Even then, it is important to get out of your old color palette and add something new. By just adding one new shade to your usual makeup can make all the difference in the world. It can help you feel revived and fresh (which won’t go unnoticed!).


Over the years I’ve been known for the makeup artist who likes to play with bold colors – when it comes to my personal makeup however it’s a black kohl pencil, bronzer and mascara. One day I just changed my usual black kohl pencil to deep blue and it gave me a new look! Even if you have dark circles, dark skin or tired eyes deep blue looks great, or you could even try a warm deep brown.

Apply it the same way you use your everyday black kohl pencil, and you will notice the complimenting effect it has to your skin-tone.


You’ll notice such a small change can give you a whole new look. Dusky dark or gold olive skin-tones can also look great with midnight blues and deep brown colors around the eyes. Let go of your favorite black kohl pencil and black liner and try a deep blue and warm brown kohl pencil instead. Pair it with any lip color or just a pigmented gloss to finish your look. Try it out and enjoy 🙂


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Saima Bargfrede
A Global Hair and Makeup Artist, Saima Bargfrede has mastered her skills from beauty shoots to movies from the US, Africa, Pakistan, India, and is currently making Europe her very own canvas to beautify. A former TV Hostess and Model, her decades of worldwide training and experience makes her our Beauty Guru in every way!

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