Lighter than Air! Softer than Silk! Estée Lauder’s New Perfecting Loose Powder

Estée Lauder’s NEW Perfecting Loose Powder is a feather-light, incredibly fine loose powder that sets and perfects your favorite makeup look, while softly refining and evening out skin tone for a flawless effect. With an unforgettably addictive silken-feel, the powder instantly diffuses imperfections and invisibly smoothes skin, softly refining and reducing the appearance of pores while evening out skin tone to unveil a seamless complexion. Key technologies in this powder include:


Smooth Skin Technology

a blend of unique particle shapes and sizes that fill and smooth skin’s surface for instant diffusion and coverage effect. Adding to the impact are spherical, high-grade silica that have a liquid-like glide and incredible sensorial effect on skin.


Gold-Tone Optics

Unlike traditional white-based mica, which can at times appear chalky or powdery on skin, these unique mica have an affinity to skin undertone, complementing all skin intensities from lightest to darkest for a supremely natural-looking complexion.


Shine Control

The formula’s high concentration of silica provides lasting and optimaloil-control for a consistently fresh and flawless appearance.


Estée Lauder Perfecting Loose Powder is available in a range of 3 universal shades to suit every skin tone. To apply, use the Estée Lauder Powder Brush and work from the center of the face outwards. Wear it alone for light perfecting or applied over foundation for a complete face look.







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