Vidyut Defies Gravity as Prep for His Next!

Takes on Anti- Gravity Yoga and Suspension TRX, first time ever by anyone in India, as prep for his death defying aerial stunt sequence for his next – Tigmanshu Dhulia’s upcoming movie Yaara

Action hero Vidyut Jamwal who debuted in Bollywood in 2011 as an actor and won the best male debutant award from Flimfare and IIFA is also a model and a martial artist, who rose to fame with his action packed movie Force opposite John Abraham and Commando. This time he pulls yet another first – this time being the new addition to his intense physical fitness training routine: Anti-Gravity Yoga and Suspension TRX. It is the first time anyone is India has taken on such a form.




Says a source, “After giving Vidyut a free hand to design his own action in Bullett Raja, Tigmanshu has yet again decided to handover the reigns of stunt design to Vidyut for a certain death defying gang combat scene. The scene is believed to be one where Vidyut is meant to be a guerrilla attacker leaping in from a great height. In order to ensure greater ease with aerial suspension and movement, Vidyut has himself decided and incorporated Anti- Gravity yoga and Suspension TRX along with his existing martial art Kalaripayattu training as part of his intense workout regime. He’s also simultaneously working with Tigmanshu and his own stunt team to create the sequence design and have it fit in perfectly with the given situation.”


Anti-Gravity yoga is a cutting edge form of traditional Salamba or Supported Yoga that requires the body to partake in asana specially done while being suspended. With Suspension based TRX training, one uses their own body weight and gravity as resistance when suspended from rings, ropes, harnesses, flexi hammocks and trapeze bars. It shows astonishing result on the sheer shape of the physique, increases core strength, increases the body’s ability to adapt and cope and makes the body extremely athletic.
Kalaripayattu is the oldest form of fighting in existence includes strikes, kicks, grappling, preset forms, weaponry and healing methods.

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