4 Things you Must Do to Lose Weight During Ramadan

1. Keep A Food Journal

You’ll be surprised to see what you actually eat once you start writing it down. Start a food journal this ramadan to keep an eye on what you are eating and manage your calorie intake. It is important to eat the right amount of calories each night. Try to have 1200-2000 calories depending on the amount of weight you need to loose.

2. Eat a Healthy Iftari

Break your fast with healthy food. When you are hungry it is easy to fall into cravings and eat unhealthy and fatty foods. These bad foods will cause you to gain weight especially if eaten in excess. Break your fast with food that is high in fiber and protein. These will help to stabilize your blood sugar, suppress hunger and prevent overeating.

3. Eliminate Thirst

Your body can survive longer without food than water. Stay hydrated and drink as much water as you can throughout your day before you start fasting. Keep bottles of water near by and make goals as to how much you need to bring before sehri. Try to drink 1/2 your body weight in ounces during the night before sehri. Being hydrated will help you lose weight, be healthier and also make your fast easier.

4. Exercise

Duh! Exercise, eat smaller portions and healthier food! The perfect recipe to loose weight in Ramadan. Remember, exercise is more about consistency, so try to incorporate exercise into your daily routine after Taraweeh. Whether it be joining an exercise class, working out at the gym or walking…its more important to get moving!!

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