3 Best Budget Friendly BB Creams!

A BB cream is an essential to many of us who can’t be bothered with the weighing down feeling of a foundation and don’t like the grease of a full-blown sunscreen. Here’s my choice of the best BB creams that are light on your skin, and on your pocket 🙂 !

Ponds BB Cream

Not only is this BB cream incredibly budget friendly, it’s also my favorite out of the bunch. It gives medium coverage, with a matte finish that is perfect for summers and does not oxidize at all or give off a grey cast on our desi skin tones. I loved how long wearing it is and during the monsoon and humid seasons, it fairs exceptionally well. The only issue – it is on the drying side. I keep this one to use during the summers since it really does all that I want from a BB cream and more, but during the winters, given that my skin tends to be on the drier side, I’ve noticed applying this tends to emphasize my dry patches. Since the consistency is a bit on the thicker side, remember to warm it up between your fingers before applying and once you’ve applied, make sure to blend right away since I’ve learned the hard way that this is not an easy product to blend if you take your time blending it haha

Perfect for – Normal to oily skin type, summers and humid weather.

Pros – Medium coverage, budget friendly, travel friendly, long wearing, mattifying, gives off a smooth finish.

Cons – Can be drying (depending on skin types), only two shades to choose from.

Price – PKR 395


Garnier BB Cream

Combination-to-oily version –

Now the Garnier BB Cream comes in two different types and packaging and I’ve tried both versions. The one you see pictured below is the one for combination to oily skin ( the tube for this is slimmer and taller than the other). The consistency is super runny with this so you need to be careful not to squeeze out to much but the finish is wonderful. It dries down to an almost powder finish and I actually never powder my skin after applying this in the summers. It has fared well in the summers and during humid weather (but not as well as the Ponds BB Cream). I had no issues with oxidization and would definetly be purchasing another tube for the summers since I love the finish this gives, makes your skin look like it has been properly primed and powdered, perfect for those days that you’re in a rush!

Perfect for – Combination to oily skin, all weathers

Pros – amazing finish, long lasting, blurs out pores, hides redness around the nose.

Cons – super runny consistency, limited shade range, too much products comes out of the tube.

Price – PKR 400


Normal Version –

Now the normal version was truly hate at first application for me when I applied it last summers. It felt heavy, seemed orange-y and oxidized ALOT, I felt like my skin was sweating and it was over all a very uncomfortable experience. Needless to say, I took it off immediately and chucked the bottle aside, never to look at it until recently. The weather is much cooler now, with barely any humidity so I deicded to give this one more try and guess what? It’s almost perfection when used in the winter months. The thick creamy consistency that was suffocating me skin in the summers, now hydrates my skin perfectly in the winters. The oil slick that this BB cream made my skin during the summer time, now gives off a perfectly dewy look with no oxidization or heavy feeling on the skin! Imagine! This BB cream is one that should only be used in the winters and in the summers if you have exceptionally dry skin.

Perfect for – Winter season only

Pros – applies well in the winters, hydrating, gives off a dewy look

Cons – not to be used in the summers at all.

Price – PKR 400


Maybelline Dream Fresh BB Cream

This BB cream works well for all skin types! I love the finish it gives off, nothing too drastic yet it really does smooth and blur out perfections as you apply it. As a person with combination skin, I had no issues with it’s oil control (it fared really well) and it lasts a decent amount of time as well. The coverage with this is on the light-medium side so the finish is very natural and the consistency of the product itself is almost lotion-like. My favorite property with this BB Cream would have to be how it makes my skin look naturally super pretty and clear!

Perfect for – Normal skin types

Pros – lightweight, easy to blend, natural finish, reduce the look of pores, a vast shade range.

Cons – might not fare well in the very humid weather

Price – PKR 675




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