The Most Spoken-About Moments From The Oscars

The Oscars manage to break the internet this time of the year, every single time. The Academy Awards as they as more academically known in the film fraternity are discussed as much for the big 6 as they are for who wore what. While it isn’t socially acceptable to not know who finally won an Oscar, it also pays to know who rocked the red carpet and who blew it. So here you are guys, the most discussed moments from the Oscars.

The best -dressed ladies :

Stunning reds and take-your-breath away whites stole the show this time around on the red carpet. Oscar hopeful Rosamund Pike looked every bit the over achiever she plays in Gone Girl in a rosebud studded red gown.


Joining her on the red brigade was Hollywood’s A-class lineage newcomer Dakota Johnson, who easily did everything right, in her red one-shouldered grecian gown.


My personal favorite was Emma Stone who took a risk that paid off hugely in a lime green Ellie Saab creation that was easily the best outfit on the show this year.


Jennifer Aniston, Zoe Saldana, Anna Faris and Lady Gaga chose white gowns, while Jennifer Lopez wore another winning Ellie Saab peach-onion creation.




The men who did it right and those who didn’t –

The gentlemen often draw less flak than the ladies at the Oscars, but this year sure some spectacular hits and misses in the fashion department.

john leg

John Legend (Gucci), Eddie Redmayne, Chris Pratt, Michael Keaton (Ralph Lauren) and David Oyelowo easily stood out as the most dapper men on the awards show this time around.


While most others opted for the classic black tux, David Oyelowo took it up a notch with a rust wine colored Dolce and Gabbana tux that looked great on him.


Crowd favorite Benedict Cumberbatch won hearts again in his white tux, as did Adam Levine irrespective of what he wore :p


The worst dressed male was most definitely Jared Leto who decided to come as Jesus complete with tresses and lilac suit to boot ! This pose isn’t helping much either. Sigh!



The worst performance at the Oscars –

Though not a performance per se, John Travolta easily won the award for the creepiest old man at the Oscars following his touchy-ness with Scarlet Johannson and Irina Menzel, both of who couldn’t have looked more unamused!


The best performance at the Oscars –

This one wins hands down! Nothing was more refreshing and welcome than Lady Gaga, who for once looked like the gorgeous lady she is in a long white gown, who belted out a very vocally sound, powerful tribute to The Sound of Music. Easily the best performance at the Oscars in recent years.

This performance shut up the critics with Gaga proving her vocal prowess to a thunderous applause.



The big Awards –

To not take away from the actual reason the Oscars are held, here are the big winners this year:

Best Picture – Birdman

Best Actress in a leading role – Julianne Moore

Best Director – Alejandro Gonzalez

Best Actor in a leading role – Eddie Redmayne

Best Actor in a supporting role – J K Simmons

Best Actress in a supporting role – Patricia Arquette

Best Song – Glory, John Legend for Selma



What was your favorite moment at the Oscars this year? Tell us in the comments!


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