Fahad Hussayn (6)

A combination of power, determination and influence, claimed by the designer himself and I agree.

I have mentioned several times that I like Fahad Hussayn’s ready-to-wear much more, compare to his desi bridal couture line. I am sure Fahad himself enjoys doing luxury ready-to-wear more compare to his desi Couture and we can clearly see the results on the runway. He is one of the strong headed designers I know and that is what makes his fashionable collections strong. The creative and interesting mixture of architectural Structures with floral embellishments and sheer fabrics made the runway ladies look very fascinating. Menswear pieces were a little weak compare to what he had showcased before. Overall, one of the best feminine but edgy collections of FPWS-2014 and we would definitely look forward to see more of him.


Nauman Arfeen (21)

Nauman Arfeen showcases his menswear collection on day 2 of the three day event. The thing I Love about him is that he never forgets his signature style. This season he did not only focus on clothes, he also focused on menswear shoes and accessories and we loved every bit of it. The inspiration comes from Persian art called Persian pickles. The collection named as ‘Haute after dark’ were made out of custom weaved fabrics. He also introduced some inventive cuts and details for men, which worked really well. Overall, the collection as a whole was 95 percent successful. The 5 percent I deduct for the balloon pants with volume around thighs. Liking the edgy stuff, I could not relate myself with those pants and neither did the rest of the fashion world may be. But liked the details from head to toe otherwise.


Jafferjees (2)

Jafferjees showcased collection of their handbags, clutches and travel bags crafted with high quality leather with classy details, up to a standard of perfection. The products were accessorized by premium quality hardware for the purpose of high-end Look. The luxurious genuine leather with reptile and ostrich prints, cross stitch to block patterns will surely offer long lasting quality. Complimenting each of their product,fashion designer Wardha Saleem designed a pleasant range of custom Jafferjees Logo inspired prints and designed outfits accordingly. It was a successful show, clothing line and accessories were pretty much balanced. Good Job!


Gulabo (5)

I Salute Maheen Khan and her dynamic design team.

Gulabo by Maheen Khan is one of my favorite Pakistani high street brands. Maheen Khan is one of the highly experienced fashion designer and legend we have in Pakistan. ‘Gulabo’ the label is inspired by Truck Art based on a “proud to be Pakistani” ideology. As I tweeted during the show that for a GOOD change Truck Art steps out of the multi-color Zone this summer and still looks cool. The label promises to its clients to serve fashion items with fun and we definitely had fun while watching the show. The art-works done on the clothes were effortless, fun and trendy at the same time. The conversational prints looked energetically youthful. Google maps, Trucks, Architecture were doodled on the clothes boldly. Simply FUN… I Salute Maheen Khan and her dynamic design team.


Inaaya (5)

Whether you are from east or west, every woman would want to wear Inaaya. Standing Ovation!

I had no idea about Inaaya named clothing brand’s existence, but after I saw her collection at FPW, I am glad I did. The woman has a high-end work aesthetic which can easily meet the international standards. It has been a while that we all got over and bored of all the Tribal/Ethnic inspired collections, but Inaaya made us think again and used the crafts in absolute fresh methods. Using the crafts of tribal women in Pakistan, she combined her creativity with an emphasis on contributing towards her society to build solidarity with tribal women she wishes to help. With such great intentions her clothes were fashionably entertaining and proved gold for the buyers. Whether you are from east or west, every woman would want to wear Inaaya. Standing Ovation!


Sheep (5)

Sheep presents a collection, which I am not certain I liked.

It was among the average collections of the fashion week. Handkerchief dresses, three dimensional embellishments and with couture-like drapery done on a few pieces to create drama in a prêt version, were not working out so well in my vision. There were a few pieces which I can count on my finger tips which I liked, like the asymmetric one shoulder handkerchief dress. Definitely, a lot of room for Sheep to up the game and bring up a stronger and interconnectedcollection.


Shamaeel Ansari (1)

Her inventiveness in silhouettes and fashionable details that she pays attention to… I was impressed.

Veteran fashion designer and former Chairperson of Fashion Pakistan Council, Shamaeel Ansari showcased an alluring summer collection. I loved how she assorted a lot of fabrics of different surfaces and patterns with prints and embroideries and they still did not look too much. Loved the brocade trousers, a trend that I definitely want all my fashionable fellows to follow. I also liked the desi cut-lines used in a complete western manner as a formal top, paired with straight pants, something worth watching and innovative. The art-works done on the clothes were inspired by Turkish Royal Iznik and ceramics. Her collection comprises of chic artistic separate coordinates and accessories, and I loved the attention paid towards the foot-wear too, the shoes were custom designed for the collection. Just another level. I enjoyed!

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