Fashion Pakistan Week Summer 2014 – Day 3/3

Tapu Javeri

Tapu Javeri showcased his line Tapulicious featuring one of the three best fashion designers of Pakistan . The featuring designers were Kamiar Rokni, Mohsin Ali and HSY to design capsule collections. In this collaboration prints were designed by Tapu and the featuring designers designed and style the models.

Tapu Javeri also designed Bags with each of his collaborated capsule collections

Tapu Featuring Kamiar Rokni. Prints provided to Kamiar Rokni were inspired by the Japanese paintings of her Aunt Mariam Syedullah and also dedicated the 1st section to her. The prints were colorful photographs of Karachi, creating a microcosmic world within a macrocosm and Kamiar played really well with the prints and designed a superb mini collection of wearable clothes.

Tapu Featuring Mohsin Ali. My Jaw Literally dropped when I saw Mohsin Ali’s Designs for Tapu Javeri. The clothes were designed in the most fashion forward note one could ever imagine in Pakistan. Tapu created some striking prints inspired by Spanish Artist Joan Miro. The prints were designed luminously edgy with Mondrian styled color blocking. Mohsin Ali served those prints in a complete out of the box and fashionably wearable way. I almost felt like I am sitting at London fashion week front row. It was amazing to see the collaboration working out so well. #DoubleApplause

Tapu Featuring HSY. After the awestruck show of Mohsin Ali and Tapu, there were more good things to come. A killer capsule collection designed by Hassan Shehyar Yasin featuring the prints by Tapu Javeri. The Prints were very Roberto Cavalli level, but not so Cavalli. I mean it was very High-End monochromatic prints of Zebra and Leopard, layered alongside chevron stripes and kaleidoscopes creating a fresh look at an old classic. Featuring Designer, HSY’s face also graced some of the bags and the jacket he was wearing himself. Loved, Loved, Loved the Big-Cat printed pants for men and every piece, except those Palazzo like Pants with high slits for men, wasn’t something I would have recommended to put. The rest I could totally relate myself with no excuse! #Fantastical

Tapulicious (5)


Pakistan’s one of the retail women’s wear brand Daaman showcased their collection on final day-3 of the fashion week. I personally love Daaman for the stuff they sell at their stores across Pakistan. Daaman showcased a very serious and a high-end street wear collection. It was cohesive and fashionably serious. The collection was minimal, but with heaps of chic-ness. The clothes were so well fitted, especially the pants with little side-slits covering the foot. It is hard to expect from most of the Pakistani designers when it comes to well tailored pants for women. The colors palette was exactly what I would like people wear in the upcoming summer. It is a bit of a challenge to entertain people with less drama and more fashion in Pakistani Fashion shows, but we all got entertained fashionably! Cheers to Daaman’s creative team. Me Likey!

Daaman (5)


Gul Ahmed

Gul Ahmed’s spring/summer collection 2014, was all about prints (Duh!). The collection was intended to encapsulate luxury ready-to-wear by printing on fancy fabrics like silk and chiffon. The whole world is well aware of Gul Ahmed’s high value of textile products they produce; therefore the digital prints were very mature with superb quality. The entire collection had a great range of looks from east and west, like Pakistani Kameez, shirts and pants, jumpsuits, dresses and chiffon jackets etc, but some of them worked and some of them did not. I could see the collection was a little influenced by Ayesha Farook Hashwani and Shehla Chatoor and I give them a thumbs up for starting the trend. The collection could have been much better, if we could see something more innovative.

Gul Ahmed (3)

Ali Xeeshan

Ali showcased a collection called “Jalaal’. One of the most consistent designers of Pakistan for doing back to back couture and ready-to-wear shows, the designer has the potential of using conventional materials to create unconventional aesthetics. This time his collection was inspired by the murals and artists working for Oriental Royal Courts. The color palette were in citrus cocktails with dashing drapes and vigilant forms of flowers and birds embellished. The cat-ear sleeves were the most eye-catching feature. There was a blend of fabric fluidly draped as well as tailored. Overall, a cohesive avant-garde collection. Fashionably satisfactory!

Ali Xeeshan (1)

Wardha Saleem

I know Wardha because of her great strengths in textiles/prints. She showcased a stunning collection of Digital Prints on luxury fabrics like silk, in a very warm color palette of oranges, pinks, blues and violets with a GOLD touch to almost all of the looks. Liked the idea of layering the printed summer jackets over printed shirts. Overall, it was a nice but a very safe collection. What raised a bit of concern was she could have stepped a little out of the box, which I suppose is very risky but important for a designer. Maybe that is why Wardha’s collection this time could not leave that impression on my mind as it always does. Otherwise the lady has the potential and so her this collection. She is going to sell this. Satisfactory!

Wardha Saleem (5)

Mahin Hussain

Mahin Hussain celebrates the Girl Pride through her accessories she designed this summer 2014. Late Parveen Shakir’s Poetry inspires her collection called ‘Listen Girl’ derived from “Listen girl, these moments are clouds, you let them pass and they’re gone. Soak up their moist touch. Get drenched.” It was conversational, bold and beautiful. I could feel the energy down the runway and the female guts in her show. The Bags she designed were pretty trendy in bold colors like yellows, pinks, greens and more… The best part was there was something for every age group. Loved the Styling too. You go girl…!

Mahin hussain (5)



Faraz Manan

Whether its Lawn, Couture or Ready to wear, we don’t care because it is all Luxurious at the house of Faraz Manan. He delivers a collection that all the Rich women around the world would crave for. The soft nudes and pastel color palette and lady-like silhouettes turned his collection in to a success. Loved the layering and the finest embroideries done on the finest sheer fabrics like net and chiffon. He offered a dazzling range of evening wear, which looked enchanting. Overall, the collection was 85% success and the rest of the 15% is deducted because of a few technical faults. Otherwise, Thumbs Up!

Faraz Manan (3)


Famous for its prints, Kayseria showcased a collection inspired by Kutch in Gujarat. The collection was based on its handicrafts, which are bright and brilliant. Kutch has given a huge number of crafts and every craft is beautiful than the other. The collection had some great fashionable pieces and some were not so fashionable in my eyes. I understand the source of inspiration, but on the whole the collection was a bit of a tribal overdose. The styling could have been a bit modern, so that the buyers or women living in metropolitan cities could relate themselves to what they see on the runway. Loved the high-slits on shirts, something definitely new and different from what we have been seeing.

Kayseria (4)

Nomi Ansari

Nomi Ansari did the closing of the three day fashion fest. His collection was one of the most well thought collections designed among all the designers showcased at the fashion week called ‘Gravity’. He is one of the most creative designers we have in Pakistan today. He showcased a collection, where he once again proved that he can construct anything and the collection had a variety of looks from Experimental western dresses to Eastern shirts and Saaris. There was glamour, there was drama, there was fun, most importantly there were designs with impeccable finesse and there was something for every age group. The Color palette revolved around Back, White, Gold and Silver/Greys. There was metal, there were spikes blending with his signature traditional floral motifs creating diverse and a significant appeal. Loved the bustier with futuristic basques paired with traditional panel skirts. Overall, the entire collection was like the best of Hollywood and Bollywood. It was a celebration of fashion. Loved the idea of Balloons on the runway, Glitter in the eyes and Jewelry and styling was like the cherry on the cake. Standing Ovation!

Nomi Ansari (7)

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