HSY (6)

Hassan Shehryar Yasin adores the fact how women have influenced him his whole life and he celebrates it with pride. His collection called ‘VENOM’ was one of his collections that I would personally like to wear (some of the menswear looks ofcourse), like the snake print gradient jumpsuit’ model Shehzad Noor wearing, It was to die for and this happens to me very rarely in Pakistan. The entire collection had snake printed dresses, pants and jackets. To give it a break, I really appreciated that he injected Zigzags stripes and some only embellished pieces, for the collection to balance and breathe. Loved the black, gold and the red/orange accent color story. One of his best collections among his Luxury prêt collections so far. APPLAUSE…

Lala Textiles

Lala (5)


Lala Textiles could not serve the best of its work in my opinion. I only liked the Short above knee Shirts constructed with different architectural panels mixed with different prints and running embroidered patterns. The collection looked inexpensive and not flattering at most of the parts. The show stopper was Iman Ali, she is also the face of the Lawn collection for spring/summer 2014, but for a show stopper she was under-dressed. Overall, the collection had a lack of glamour. I don’t care whether you showcase a day wear casual collection or evening wear, the important factor that should be kept in mind is GLAMOUR. So where is the Glamour Lala?

Amna Aqeel

Aamna Aqeel (2)

I witnessed Amna Aqeel’s work for the first time live on the runway. I do believe in her aesthetics, but compare to what I was expecting, this collection was a bit of a disappointment. There were some great chic high-end pieces, but they lost their essence by putting some very non-flattering silhouettes/prints. The major issue was no cohesiveness and there was no story to tell. The collection could have been much more impressive if she could just revolve around some pieces and worked a bit more on flattering silhouettes. The only thing that I liked was the eye-catching bedazzled eyebrows. I have seen her previous FPW collection’s pictures and they were way better than this one. I am confident she is going to deliver much better next time. We still love you!


Nida Azwer

Nida Azwer (5)

WHITE on WHITE always sells. Yes fashionable fellows, as a fashion lover, Batur always recommends you guys to have at least one white item in your wardrobe because it is never out of fashion. Nida Azwer is a genius, she targets the market looking out for whites to wear this summer 2014. Nida sticks to her traditional roots of inspiration and delivers a successful collection all in white. I became a fan of every piece and loved the variety available in both eastern and western cuts and silhouettes. The asymmetric shirts with a various types of pants made every look strongly appealing. The layering of fabrics of different mediums, embroideries, foil printing, and motifs gave it a rich look and absolute brilliance. Some pieces looked a bit stiff but I can ignore that. There was something for everyone, the menswear Kurta was remarkable. We Love Nida!


Deepak Perwani

Deepak Perwani (21)

Deepak Perwani’s summer collection 2014 was simply super urban and up to date. Modern women of today would definitely fancy themselves to be dressed like his runway ladies. Deepak takes inspiration from the word ‘Tre Chic’ inspired by the elegant and fuss-free women of today and I certainly agree with him. Loved the Luxurious usage of fabrics like cotton silk, raw silk, stretch valor and pure chamois. The hallmark digital prints by the house of Deepak Perwani were divine. The collection had super sexy dresses with flirtatious drapery, necklines and silhouettes. Those fitted cropped pants and Mini Shalwar inspired pants were to die for and something I would definitely recommend the buyers to buy! Genius.

Zainab Chottani

Zainab Chotani (12)

I have seen Zainab Chottani’s luxury ready-to-wear since past few years and she is amazing at what she does. This collection of her is going to be the most affordable line, targeting the masses and I liked it. Out of her entire collection, what I liked the most is that this line will be cheaper and more and more of her fans will be able to wear her. The collection was an amalgamation of eastern embroideries and western cuts and they worked well for me. The only factor that rose a little bit of concern for me was that despite the collection was beautifully put together, her collection was not really fashion forward. I am confident that Zainab is a very promising fashion designer and she will catch up in her next collection.

Adnan Pardesy

Adnan Perdesi (12)

“GOT A” for GOOD. Yes, you heard me. After Ather Ali Hafeez using Gota as a medium for jewelry, Adnan Pardesy also used it unconventionally and played with it creatively to create metallic textures. It was an innovative collection, which we always look up to, like I have mentioned so many times that for every designer it is very essential to push the boundaries and offer something fresh. Adnan’s Gota textures were something I have never seen and something worth buying. Overall, it was a cohesive and well tailored collection. There was something good about every piece we saw on the runway, including the menswear. My favorite piece was the one model Neha was wearing, the sculptured Gota on sheer fabric hugging the body, truly sexy and the latest thing to go GAGA for…. I fashionably SALUTE him.

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