The Complete Bridal Planning Calendar – 2

It’s getting closer to the big day and there are SO many things on a to-be bride’s mind right now. If you missed the previous part of this post, read it here!

Now for the last leg of the wait to D-day…

3 months to the Wedding:

3 months to go girl ! At this stage you’ll want to make sure you’re serious about your efforts, whether for weight loss or bridal prep and prime.

– Get the look right by going for outfit trials and making sure your outfits fit correctly. Both too tight clothes and too- loose clothes are bad so if nip and tucks are needed, go for it by all means. You’ll need an outfit trial a month before the wedding and a final one a few days before just to ensure proper fitting.

– Continue to follow your fitness and diet regime, these last few months are pivotal to getting desired effects.

2 months to the Wedding :

– The venues, dates and sequence of events should be finalized now by both families. If you’re having a destination wedding, pack some casual yet chic pieces to wear. You don’t really want to be seen in a heavy jadau piece if it’s a beach wedding, at least not on the rest of the event days (it’s fine on the actual day of the wedding)

– If you’re planning to get your hair colored, streaked, smoothened, straightened or permed, now is the time to do it. It’ll set nicely and not look quite as flat on the wedding day, especially if you’re going for chemical straightening. Do not opt for treatments like Keratin treatment if it’s your first time, as opinions on this have been widely imbalanced.

– Opt for chemical peels like AHA peels and Glycolic peels for an instant glow – they brighten skin and deal with those tough scars, leaving your skin refreshed in ways a regular facial never can.

1 month and last few days before the Wedding :

The number one rule now is to avoid taking stress on these final few days. Trust me, it’ll show. Makeup can cover dark circles but not dull and lifeless eyes, nothing can fake that soft bridal glow like a pampered, relaxed and happy bride !

– Fix a full makeup trial with your chosen makeup artist to check the exact look you want for the different events. Some MUAs deliver superb results to the bride’s satisfaction but that’s not a risk you can take for such a crucial event, can you ?

– Most couples these days prefer pre-wedding photoshoots and bridal videos. Even if you’re not up for it, do have a trial with the photographer and ask him what lighting he’ll be using and the like. We’ll dedicate a whole post to choosing your wedding photographer soon.

The last ten days before the wedding :

– This time is solely for you to prep to look your optimal. Visit the salon and get your full body waxed. You could also opt for body polishing and skin glow packs to get that bride-like glow. Of course some parts of desi culture have a special day dedicated to the haldi ceremony which lend a nice, fresh glow to the skin.

– Get your final makeup, outfit and hair checks in time to avoid disasters.

– Avoid junk food like the plague. Drink lots of water and juices and get proper sleep, I know this time can be extremely stressful but getting enough sleep is just so important before the big day.

– On the day of the wedding, wake up with a prayer and dive into the most important day of your life with joy. This is the day you’ll remember forever, make it worth it.

– Carry a kit with quick-fixes like hair pins, safety pins, lipstick etc. <will insert a link to Nilo’s bridal kit here>

– You’re going to be clicked all day today, so remember to smile !
So that was our bridal planning kit for you girls who are going to be hitched soon. You don’t have to follow this to the T, just remember to plan and follow your regimes to look your best.

Spend as much time as you can with your family, especially with your parents and siblings in the countdown before you get married. Show them your love and gratitude for all these years and soak in all the freedom of home before you start off on a new life with your new family 🙂

We wish you happiness !

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