Mira Rajput’s Bridal Looks : The Breakdown

It wasn’t the biggest wedding of the year, not even the most high-profile considering the fact that most of the Khans weren’t a part of it, but Shahid ki Shaadi still managed to make it on trending news and headlines everywhere in the last few weeks. The biggest surprise of the event though, and the most pleasant one seems to be none other than the new Mrs. Kapoor, the extremely stunning Mira. Read on for more.

Hearts broke throughout the nation, but then the smiles grew as well – when Mira wore a simple floral tiara; when Shahid held his new wife’s hand firmly as they received guests as man and wife and when they obliged shutterbugs instead of the usual starry airs that are characteristic of a Bollywood wedding.

But it was Mira Rajput Kapoor’s understated elegance, quiet demeanor and simply downplayed classic outfits and makeup choices that were the real show stealer of the event.

Mehendi and Sangeet –

Mira opted for a fun, bright yellow lehenga for the sangeet albeit a light and airy one so that she could dance easily.

She then switched to an Anita Dongre creation of the same color and paired it with a floral garland and floral wreath for her head, all perfectly apt and a reminder of how very young she is.


The maatha-patti was a quintessential at most of the bridal events and she wore the accessory tastefully and perfectly in tune with the rest of her outfits.

The makeup for the occasion was minimal : thinly-lined Kaajal and a soft nude lip with little or no -makeup base.

Wedding –

For the nuptials, Mira wore a princessy, pale pink Anamika Khanna lehenga with stunning jewels, replete with hair accessories and all. I don’t think any recent Bollywood brides could hold a candle to how heartbreakingly beautiful Mira looked in this outfit. Yes, it was a safe choice but one that she did perfect justice to.

She wore her hair in a traditional bun and adorned it with fresh stems of baby’s breath.


The makeup was done in soft pink hues, from a dusty rose blush to a deeper pink lipstick and kohl-lined eyes. While there was nothing ground-breakingly new about the look, it embodied everything that Mira is – young, modest and with a quiet intelligence that you can’t ignore if you tried.


The reception held on the same evening saw Mira let her hair down (literally) in another Anamika Khanna Outfit, this time with gold hues, more bling jewels and a cape. I’m not really a fan of this look, I thought it was out of line from the freshness of the rest of her looks, the hair could’ve been styled betterÂ… definitely one of her more forgettable looks.


Reception –

This outfit was probably the biggest surprise pick in all of Mira’s bridal trousseau. It was also the most talked about one on social media and other circles. While the more conventional voices thought Mira went too plain and casual at her own reception, most others thought this was a fresh beginning to Indian bridal fashion itself, where simple is the new bling.

A classic Manish Malhotra crop top and floral lehenga, the color choice itself was an unconventional and bold one – white and blue with incorporated lace and big flower motifs and a full skirt with a midriff-baring, sleeveless and quite demure crop.


The only jewelry she wore were diamond statement earrings and a matching cuff. The outfit wasn’t elaborate or overtly blingy like most Indian outfits, it wasn’t too casual either. What do you guys think of all Mira’s bridal looks ? Leave your comments below 🙂

May I comment on how very photogenic Mira is ? For not being a Bollywood actress, I think she could really give most actresses a run for their money and surgeries with her fresh-faced, graceful stature. The pictures clearly speak it, Shahid is one heck of a lucky man !


Wishing The newest Kapoors all the world’s happiness !

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