The Complete Bridal Planning Calendar to Look Perfect on D-Day – 1

It’s Bridal Season all this month on the blog and we’re so happy to bring you all the information you’ll need. So if you’re a to-be bride (congrats!) read on further to plan well, ahead of your wedding.

Everyone knows that a good desi wedding is as much about the days leading up to the wedding as it is about the event itself. The planning and research that must be done on the months and days leading up to the big day, ensure that everything – from your makeup to the menu, is flawless!
Most brides start planning for their weddings as much as a year ahead, but since most women today have a bunch of juggling duties to do – that include a full time job, family responsibility, exams or even travel plans, we’ve created a half-yearly calender for you to -be brides to gear up for all the events.
Let’s dive in !


6 Months to the Wedding :

Okay, you have around just enough time to get started with all the preparatory necessities. This is the time to keep your will power strong and

  • Start eating healthy – We mean it. If you start eating clean from now, your skin will positively glow with life on your wedding. Dump out unnecessary dairy, junk, sweetened drinks, carbs, hidden sugars and the like. Yes, chocolate bars too.

  • Visit a dermatologist to get a complete analysis of your skin and understand the targeted treatments offered to correct imperfections or common conditions like hyper pigmentation, sun burn, sun spots, warts etc. Your doctor will chart a proper schedule of multiple sittings each month so that your cosmetic concerns, if any, can be taken care of.
  • Hit the gym – Even if you’ve never worked out before, this is one time when you just have to knock those extra bits if you want to look your best six months later. Fix a proper diet chart and weight management programme to follow in the months ahead.

5 Months to the Wedding :

One month down, if you’ve already started your prep in the previous month, you’re probably beginning to see results by now and this is all the impetus you need to go on with the regime in the coming months.

  • Show your hair some care – Opt for deep conditioning treatments, oil massages or damage repair solutions depending on your needs. Most salons today offer these services and use reputed brands (do check though) so results are definitely noticeable.
  • You should finalize your outfits for all the events involved in the wedding. White weddings are simpler, with just outfits for the cocktail party, main wedding and going away party or reception outfit to plan. Desi weddings though have a line-up of functions so choose your outfits with care. You will of course want to look your best.

  • Choose colors that don’t just look “bridal” , instead focus more on choosing colors that make you look good. I know red just doesn’t look good on some girls, while a bright, bold pink flatters them to no end. Try out a lot of outfits, there’s no dictum against it. Pinks, reds, oranges, beiges, creams, dull golds, greens and yellows are the color families you should look at.

  • Finalize outfits of everyone in the bridal party i.e. the bridegroom, his immediate family, you and your immediate family, bridesmaids, best men or best friends of the bride and groom. You’ll want your outfits to synchronize well and complement each others, both in color family and in design. If you’re choosing a rich red and gold jora, your sisters and your best friends can wear complementary colors in similar styles or similar colors with a variance in style.

4 months to the Wedding :

As the big day looms near, you’ll see that no amount of planning seems enough. Do relax and remember that when you’re stressed, it shows!

  • Incorporate juices and detox smoothies in your diet. After two months of a balanced diet and a good workout regime, your body is more likely to absorb and agree to a detox after the initial prep months.

  • If your workout regime isn’t working well for your body type or you’ve hit a plateau, change your regime and include different sessions to achieve the weight loss goal you want (if you need to lose weight)
  • Start taking vitamin supplements and probiotics to give your body it’s nutritional needs.

  • Sangeet/Dance Preparation :

The sangeet ceremony is a huge part of the wedding festivities for desis. The coming together of song and dance by loved ones and family create the glam and glitz that is so typical to our weddings. If you’re planning to have a sangeet ceremony for your wedding, the preparations for the choreography should ideally begin 4 months before the event to give ample time for all participants to learn the steps and practice.

  • Bollywood influences :

Undeniably, there’s bound to be a bollywood influence on the wedding – either in the style of outfit you choose to wear, or the songs to play, the menu, the theme, the decor and the like.

Most brides also ask for “Katrina wali hairstyle in that movie” or “Deepika’s lehenga in that shaadi scene” . If you’re a big fan of bollywood, invest in a couple of fashion magazines or tune to blogs like ours to view the current trends in bridal fashion for your outfit choices, hair and other designs.

This needs to be looked into about four months before to allow your couturier or tailor ample time to work on your project.

3 months to the big event ! More on this in the second part of this post.

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