Ambreen’s 5 Must-have Products For The Perfect desi Bride!

“Having worked as a makeup artist for over ten years finding the right products has always been a very important part of my job, whether it is for my brides or for myself! I have tried and tested so many different makeup products that I have actually lost count! But through trial and error I have definitely managed to pick up some amazing must haves that I think every girl should own!

So here we have an insight into some of my favourite products & make-up brands which I feel are an absolute essential for every Desi Bride…

1. Anastasia Beverly Hills Contour Palette


The Anastasia palette has definitely changed the way I do contouring. This is probably one of the first contouring pallets that is powder based which doesn’t look caked on to the skin. It has a variation of colours, I particularly love the banana powder because it is great for creating brightness. Then there is the highlighter ‘Vanilla’ which is great for shiny skin. You also have a iridescent highlighter which is used to create the glow on the skin. Then you have 3 warm contouring colours which are designed to suit all skin tones.


2. Ruby Woo Lipstick by MAC


Being Pakistani and having an olive skintone myself, I found it really hard to find the perfect red lipstick which would suit my complexion but I have to say since the day I found ‘Ruby Woo by Mac’ I have had to look no further as this lipstick suits almost every asian skintone regardless of whether you are fair, medium or warmer tone. I love the fact that the texture is smooth and soft and completely matte but also longwearing and doesn’t dry the lips. You can also pair this product with either Cherry Lip liner or Auburn Lip liner by Mac. If you want Rubywoo to keep its brightness use Cherry and if you want it to appear slightly warmer then use Auburn they are both fabulous combinations whatever suits your bridal outfit or just for fun!


3. Contour Brush #168 by MAC


To try and get the perfect contoured look sometimes can be difficult however with this brush, contouring and applying blusher has been made so easy. The brush is at an angle so that you get the desired look and helps you to create the perfect contour and high cheekbones, you can also use this for powder application. Definitely a Must have in your brush collection.

4. Girls With Attitude – Lashes


This Brand is one of my Favourite eyelash brands due the variety of lashes they have to offer. Their lash styles are of such a wide selection that you are guaranteed to find your match to suit your eye shape. I love using GWA Lashes on brides because they feel light and natural yet so effective in person as well as pictures & Video.

5. Little Black Dress Gel Eyeliner by Motives Cosmetics


I have tried countless eyeliners from pencils, liquids to gels and at the moment this is on top of my list of my favorite black eyeliner! As well as being waterproof and long wearing which is perfect for the wedding day when you are feeling rather emotional; this gel is probably one of the most darkest Black liner and gives a very strong clean look. The texture is soft and smooth which gives you easy application, allowing the gel to just glides over your eye. I highly recommend this product!




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