Very Masculine, Very Sexy: Guerlain Paris L’Homme Ideal Fragrance For Men

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It has been sometime since Guerlain has launched a fragrance for men. In the past, the luxury brand has created quite a name for themselves in perfume history with timeless scents like L’Heure Bleue or Chamade and Shalimar. This past June Guerlain proudly launched it’s new and much awaited men’s fragrance: L’Homme Ideal. The fragrance was developed by perfumer Thierry Wasser who has been the Master Perfumer in-house since 2008.

“I created this fragrance like a trigger, to reveal all of mans potentials”


The Ideal Man is a myth. His Fragrance a reality

The campaign around their new fragrance is the Ideal man, and does he really exist? Their message is basically about not trying to become the ideal man anymore – just wear the fragrance and you will see.


“The emotion aroused by the fragrance is that of meeting the ideal man”


For the first time an Almond Scent for men created by Guerlain. The scent’s accords are described as smart, handsome and strong. What’s really interesting about the scent is that it has inheritance from past fragrances from Guerlain like Jicky created in 1889. L’Homme Ideal is a masculine woody aromatic fragrance. Top notes are citruses, rosemary and orange blossom; middle notes are almond and tonka bean; base notes are leather, cedar and vetiver. Everything from the handsome bottle the name and the scent are very masculine and very sexy. An ideal scent any man (and woman 😉 ) would love.



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